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Photoshop Tutorials

Welcome to the Photoshop tutorial page - here is a comprehensive list of the photoshop tutorials I've posted to date. The tutorials are catered towards beginners and amateurs, and the steps are simple, easy to follow and pretty much straightforward. A simple summary is also included for each tutorial for your convenience. Have fun exploring and good luck. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.

  • Black and white conversion

    Black and white conversion » Tutorial #12

    You're shooting in colour, and now you want to convert it into black and white. Here's a tutorial / informative article on how you should convert your photos using photoshop (or any other editors such as Gimp).

  • A Guide to Infrared Photography

    A Guide to Infrared Photography » Tutorial #11

    You’ve heard about infrared photography. You ask, “What is it really all about?” That's when this tutorial comes in – I will give you a brief walkthrough of the basics of infrared photography, move on the how to capture an infrared photo and finally, the post-processing part.

  • teddY-risatioN™ Zeta Logo

    teddY-risatioN™ Zeta Logo » Tutorial #10

    This tutorial is written on how I arrive at the 'colour wheel' icon of this blog. It makea use of layer masks to selectively display parts of an image and use it to create colourful logos and icons. This tutorial also includes a downloadable tutorial file.

  • Make Your Own Icon!

    Make Your Own Icon! » Tutorial #9

    Learn how to create a glossy, Web 2.0 and personalised icon from scratch. This tutorial uses several features at once - blending mode of layers, pen tool, layer effects and etc.

  • Photo Touchup Tutorial #1

    Photo Touchup Tutorial #1 » Tutorial #8

    Get to know how to touch up photos - artifically increase the dyanimc range by colour burning and dodging selected part of the image, as well as to create a dramatic effect via vigenetting.

  • HDR Merging and Tweaking

    HDR Merging and Tweaking » Tutorial #7

    High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. Learn how to create one from scratch.

  • Glossy Logo

    Glossy Logo » Tutorial #6

    Web 2.0 is charactersied by glossy and reflective icons. Learn how to create one of your own glossy logos with photoshop. This tutorial includes a referrence file if you need it.

  • Multiple Exposure

    Multiple Exposure » Tutorial #5

    Multiple exposure technique is no longer limited to on-the-spot shooting with a camera. In this 3-part tutorial, you will learn how to create multiple-exposed photos digitally.

  • Making Photo Collage

    Making Photo Collage » Tutorial #4

    Here is a simple tutorial teaching you the basic concepts and mathematics behind the creation of a beautiful photo collage. After that, it's all up to your creativity and personal taste.

  • Image Reflection

    Image Reflection » Tutorial #3

    In this very long but detailed tutorial, you will learn how to create reflections for your icons, photos and even text, without using an online reflection renderer/creator. Demo file is included for your referrece.

  • Curved Edges

    Curved Edges » Tutorial #2

    This tutorial teaches you how to use the quick mask function to create curved edges around your photos easily. It's quick and easy, and is a relatively short tutorial.

  • Mosaic

    Mosaic » Tutorial #1

    This tutorial teaches you how to create photo collages, with individual polaroid-lookalike images stacking on top of each other that makes up part of the original image.

Request a tutorial

If you cannot find what you want here, and you need help with photoshop, contact me to submit a request for a tutorial to be written. Do keep in mind that the author has somewhat limited personal free time due to his busy schedule - so it takes time for a complete tutorial to be written.

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