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If Only

If Only - by KT Tunstall

Title: If Only (from the album Drastic Fantastic)
Artist: KT Tunstall (yes, my favourite!)

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If only you see me now. If only you could hear me out. If only it was only me now.

Sometimes I wish if only someone could be there to slap me. Not to slap me awake, but slap me for all the mistakes I’ve done, the trouble I’ve caused, the chaos that ensued. Believe me or not, I never did want to make your life so hard.

I always wanted to give my friends to best. I didn’t want them to go through all this – for helping me out when I’m in trouble. I think that I don’t deserve the attention or help. I really don’t. In fact, I’d feel so much better if somebody could just slap me, to punish me for all the inconvenience I’ve caused. At most, I’d cry for a night or two, waste a few boxes for tissue paper, wonder on rooftops with my MP3 player (no, I’m not jumping)… and then feel better.

The workload, pressure, requirements, expectations, deadlines, responsibilities and all – they drove me insane. To the tip of the cliff. Like a cornered, hunted deer, I might just take the jump. Across the cliff. Closing my eyes, praying hard that I can make it. I felt sad and a little troubled, depressed at certain times. I was bad at masking that rotten feeling inside me. That rotten apple.

My friends came to help. Mingyun and Jaslyn, Chongx and all. They helped me out with the simplest things I can do myself, they bought gifts to comfort me. I wish they wouldn’t do that. I feel bad for wasting their time and effort on a guy who’s probably at the edge of collapse. Do I really deserve that attention?

Existentialism. I see myself as being an insignificant part in everyone’s life. Even someday I leave, maybe they wouldn’t even notice. Sometimes I compare myself with others. Everyone is good at so many things, I am envious that the proudness and happiness their parents can feel. I wonder if I’ve ever lived up to the expectations of my parents. When they see other kids excelling in the sports, academic or social fields, do they see me lingering at a corner, nowhere to go? Will they regret for giving birth to me, for raising a child that only mirrs in the realm of self-pity and self-rejection?

If only.

p/s: Of course, I feel a lot better now. I’ve ironed out many wrinkles over the weekend, settled a handful of critically important tasks and my life is kind of back on track again… I hope. I’m fine, don’t worry. I usually can express my inner thoughts better at writing so it just crossed me that I should just pen them down. Afterall, a blog is a blog.

Design – You know it’s not unintentional

Design - You know it's not unintentional.

Design - You know it's not unintentional. Click for larger version.

Double negatives make a positive. I was inspired to create this poster after reading a handy tutorial posted by Rames, titled 3D Typographic. I never knew Photoshop can work magic like that! After designing the 3D typographic effect, I moved on to creating the lens flare, the glowing orbs, the radiating lines and the lighting + glowing effects. It’s pretty neat when you combine the tips and skills you’ve learned from multiple online tutorials! Mine is not effectively a poster since it is in landscape format instead of in portrait… but I love it that way. I am actually glad that I didn’t join the competition because back then, my photoshop knowledge seriously sucked (it still does now, although not as bad as before).

Of course I’ll have to credit Veerle too! She held this ‘What is graphic design’ competition a couple of months back and the entries she received served as the basis for my poster. And my, the winning and selected entries are really, really awesome! Inspiration also came from Juanma Teixidó. His entries are absolutely stunning. Of course, my pick will be his winning entry, the one on the right!

de-sign | dəˈzīn | 100% Intentional And you can take that to the bank

Below is a collage of how the entire poster was made… groundup! Of course I veered off course for many times somewhere in the production giving me effects that I didn’t like, so it was a helluva trial-and-error when it comes to making this poster.

The process of designing the poster.

A little tip: in case you’re wondering how did I do the lighting effects, it’s actually just playing around with blending modes. Try using overlay, soft light, color dodge or color burn – and experiment with them. Once you know how they work, you’ll definitely love them!

p/s: My finals are within two weeks and it’s crunch time!

Lo and Behold – LG KF700!

Sorry for taking such a long time to write this promised update on my new phone! So the whole story started on the eve of my birthday – I lost my 3-year-old Nokia 6610i and I need a new phone. I survived one week with the backup phone my roommate had kindly lent me, and I finally found a phone that I love after spending a week searching for it. I’m not really into phones so that’s why it took me ages to decide on which to buy – I have no idea which are the new models, which brand is better at which aspect and etc. All I did was to camp in front of my lappie and google my ass off for my new phone.

My new phone - LG KF700!

I discovered (considering that I’m so out of touch with phones) LG KF700 – a hybrid between a touchphone and a slider. The interesting hybrid was what that captured my attention and soon, affection. I wouldn’t want to live with a full touchphone – I knew iPhone’s way of typing a SMS is innovative and interesting, I preferred cold, hard keys to press on. Yet, I would love to have access to functions without using hardware keys, but through touch. I guess that’s the main selling point of this phone.

Actually my choice of this brand, LG, is partially influenced by the favourable, positive review wrote by Ivy, about her LG Viewty KU990R. LG KF700 can be said to be a sister of the phone (with extra hardware keys). Thanks Ivy for the review! I’ve never regretted my decision for choosing LG.

I purchased it online from Spider88.com. To be honest, I had my reservations for online shopping because I was worried of data pilfering and scamming. In addition, the price of this phone was cheaper than the market price that is around 400~500 SGD, which got me a little more cautious. I called to their office to make sure that everything is okay, and did a somewhat brief search on the company’s background. No bad records or reviews so far, so I proceeded with the online purchase.

The very helpful lady from their office messaged me upon receiving my order whether I wanted to push forward my delivery. Yes, they do door-to-door delivery free-of-charge (but only for buyers in Singapore, that is), as long as you’ve confirmed your order. On Saturday morning, Ben, the sales person from the company came over and we checked through the whole package before I paid using NETS – it was pretty interesting that he actually brought a portable NETS machine around in his bag. He was really helpful too – for checking me for sure that the bright silver colour code of the phone is not what it looks like (in fact, the real phone looked more like BLACK than silver), and for going through the entire package with me. I must say that I’m impressed!

Of course I took a few photos of my new phone!

LG KF700 and its packaging.

LG KF700 and its packaging. See, just as what I've said - the phone looks more like piano black than bright silver.

Photo collage of LG KF700

Photo collage of LG KF700

Now I shall start writing about the phone! The review is after the jump.

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Nomnomnom. Are you hungry?

Korean Chicken Ramyeon. Mmmph!

Korean Chicken Ramyeon. Mmmph!

All hail the heavenly Korean ramyeon the hall 12 canteen is serving! They have one of the best korean food around and it’s cheap – all thanks to the subsidised rental rates for the stalls in our university canteens. When I was scrutinising over what noodles did the chef use for this dish, I was told that he actually uses authentic Korea-important instant ramyeon noodles. I’m impressed – most chefs will choose cheaper local instant noodles and then add those fake food additives to make it taste Korean. Yummylicious.

Give me the food, and no one gets hurt.

Give me the food, and no one gets hurt.

Almost every Tuesday Chongx and I will have a lunch date at NIE canteen! They have one of the best Western food ever. Priced at around $3.50 to $4.80 depending on what you’ve order, the food is gazillion times better than the $2.50 ones at our lousy canteen. Wise choice! Too bad the canteen is too far from school so that’s why we only eat there once per week. If the canteen is too near, we would have camped out there every night just to get good food!

IKEA's shrimp salad. OMG.

IKEA's shrimp salad. OMG.

IKEA. I’m wondering how’d they manage to give you cool-looking furnitures and good food at the same time. Check out their in-store restuarant and you’ll be surprised at how great the food there is. I looove their shrimp salad. One of the best damn thing around, not to mention being priced reasonably!

Hazel, we all miss you / They say death is blind

Disbelief. That’s the first word that crossed my mind when I read about the passing for a Plurker in Plurkville. Hazel, also known by her Plurk nickname Harley Quinn, from Lausanne, Switzerland, passed away in a road accident on 3am of Monday morning, the 13th of October. I didn’t know who she was before I read about her death. And what compounded the whole event was that Hazel was getting married really soon.

This is an excerpt from a page dedicated to Hazel on Highfiber, an online community:

There was a girl in hifi who made a lot of people smile. She used names like Harley Quinn, HQ and Hazel Danielle. She was a fashionista, girlfriend extraordinaire, she would incessantly beat me at sexual innuendos, she would make me laugh with references to diapers and cheese, and the inside jokes would go on until nobody else but the two of us could understand.

Such is a relationship one could foster with someone online. There is no need for photographs or meeting in person. When you have interesting things to share with somebody, all it takes is a few MB and some keyboard doodling, and there it is, a meaningful human interaction.

For other people in hifi, she would be host to the HQ series, fodder for insane male fantasies, interesting conversationalist, and a warm personality behind a profile photo and a monicker.

To me, she would be reason to troll places like highfiber and plurk.

Recently, she was engaged to be married, even announced this to plurk. She was the HAPPIEST WOMAN on earth that day, and I would like to believe the euphoria dragged on until the end. High-spirited girls like her deserve such things.

Hazel, also known as Harley Quinn on Plurk.

Hazel, rest in peace (:

Her announcement of her being the happiness women on Earth was her last words for everyone who’ll visit her Plurk profile.

I never knew death to be so ruthlesss – for robbing the life of a prospectful, hopeful young lady who was already engaged to be married really soon. Hazel and her husband were driving back from an engagement party in France when the car she was riding in was nicked by another car, causing her car to careen to the road shoulder and to hit a post. The car stood up upon impact and when it fell back down, the force snapped Hazel’s neck, causing her to die of suffocation.

It was 3am in the morning. The roads were deserted, and the accident only came to light when a passing motorist spotted the car letting out steam in the cold wee hours of the day. Emergency call was made, but that was too late to save Hazel. She passed away from the accident.

The car Hazel was riding in.

The car Hazel was riding in.

Hours before the accident, Hazel declared herself to be the happiest women on earth. Reading her previous Plurk, I realised how sudden death can be – she was leading a normal life, shairng YouTube clips, plurking about her daily encounters and experiences. And just within 4 hours of her last Plurk, Hazel left us for good. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I read through her Plurks. Why her? Why Hazel? She has a bright future ahead, a nice, warm family awaiting for her. An exciting honeymoon plan laid out neatly ahead, a tall wedding cake to share. Many days of spending lazy afternoons cuddling in the arms of your husband, many more good days to come with the company of your significant other.

God, if you’re out there, please, tell me why.

Dear Hazel,

I do not know who you are, but I hope that you will rest in peace. I hope you will have fun up there, enjoying the serenity of heaven, the accompany of angels and the guidance from Him. You will be badly missed.

Hazel, if you can hear me, take care, will you? Shed no tears. Life up there is best for kind souls like you.


They say death is blind. It really is. I’m not a particularly religious person, but Hazel, I’ll pray hard for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stranger to me – what it really matters is to let you know that you’ll be well missed.

Goodbye, Hazel.

[Edit]: I read on Technograph that a Plurk user, thegreatest, made a plea to the Plurk admins to freeze Hazel’s Plurk because he wanted everyone to remember the way she was through her plurks and didn’t want to see her karma fading off into nothing.

Freezing Karma?

I know this is a long shot, but we have a plurker who just recently passed away. She recently got engaged (and even plurked about it), but died on her way home from the engagement party in a car accident. Her friends (all plurkers) are very broken up about it and it is heartbreaking to see her plurk karma slowly trickle down. We were wondering if you can somehow freeze it, so we can remember her the way she was through her plurks. Thanks.

Her user name is harley_quinn

And his plea was immediately responded by a lead developer from Plurk, Amir Salihefendi:

We are really sorry to hear about this and our condolence goes to her friends and family.

We have stalled her karma drops and have given her a karma of infinity. May she rest in peace :'(

And he really did. Hazel’s Plurk page was awarded with infinite karma.

Hazel's plurk page. Infinite karma represents our eternal remembrances for her.

Hazel's plurk page. Infinite karma represents our eternal remembrances for her.

Hazel, you’ll be remembered eternally.

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