Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

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Mele Kalikimaka!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Here’s a big Merry Christmas to everyone! In fact, Mele Kalikimaka is a Hawaiian greeting, a transliteration from the very familiar phrase because the Hawaiian language simply lacks the matching phonemes equivalent to that of the “R” and “S” of English. I only learned about it after listening to a song from KT Tunstall’s 2007 […]

First Day Of December

Sorry for this very late post! Well, today is very special because today is the start of the most exciting month on earth! This sentence may sound familiar to you because I've included it in some of my comments on your (my webfriends') blogs. Hehe. Sorry about the previous post. Since a lot of personal […]

Blue Sky Series + X’mas Special!

Got this countdown concept from smashp0p . Hope you don't mind, p0p! :D  Welcome to my first photo series! I got this idea to create this because a few days back when I was browsing through my collection of photo I noticed I've got quite a number of photos featuring the big blue sky ;) […]

Hello Easter Egg hunter! You've discovered the magic of the Konami Code!

Yea. You probably know what the Konami code is before getting to this page. So now what? Here is a randomised YouTube video on my favourites list... which includes Rickroll, if you're luck enough to get it.

You are currently watching Madonna - Celebration. Loving it? You can even watch the video in its full screen glory :)

The Konami Code:
Konami Code sequence