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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

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Leave Me, a short film

Leave Me, a short film

Leave Me is a four-minute short film produced by Daros Films, a Tulsa-based independent film company founded by Ryan Dunlap (@dunlap).

Who says shorts are, well, too short to evoke any emotional attachment among the audience? Leave Me is a perfect example of a short done perfectly, artistically, beautifully and soulfully. Leave Me tells a sad tale of a widower finally finding solace in photos found in his wife’s (Amy’s) camera.

Grandma was hospitalized

Grandma was hospitalized

I tweeted about it today morning (thanks @nanyate, @RustlingRagazza, @amourchaleur and @noktahhitam for your concern). I learned that my grandma was admitted into hospital after experiencing palpitations in the night, general lethargy and bad appetite. The doctor recommended that she stay at least a night so that they can figure out what had gone wrong […]

Me & My Big Mouth

February is really not the month for me. For the very first day in Febuary my big mouth lands me in trouble again. Accidentally revealed who is Yal's* angel. Should have kept my mouth shut. I hate myself. And I am afraid of people saying that I purposely did so. No I didn't. I want […]

Hello Easter Egg hunter! You've discovered the magic of the Konami Code!

Yea. You probably know what the Konami code is before getting to this page. So now what? Here is a randomised YouTube video on my favourites list... which includes Rickroll, if you're luck enough to get it.

You are currently watching How long can you hold your breath. Loving it? You can even watch the video in its full screen glory :)

The Konami Code:
Konami Code sequence