Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

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Three days in cloud nine

Three days in cloud nine

As my grandparents came down for a short stayover, my parents will be bringing the family to a highland resort that is merely an hour’s drive away from the city center today *screams in joy*. I’m a little excited and yet a little nervous because for some reason, my university has arranged that I shall […]

Hello Easter Egg hunter! You've discovered the magic of the Konami Code!

Yea. You probably know what the Konami code is before getting to this page. So now what? Here is a randomised YouTube video on my favourites list... which includes Rickroll, if you're luck enough to get it.

You are currently watching Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten. Loving it? You can even watch the video in its full screen glory :)

The Konami Code:
Konami Code sequence