Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Hello, World!

I’m back after an absurdly long hiatus. Tumblr has got my attention most of the day because of a seemingly infinite amount of posts appear on my dashboard whenever I relief my bladder, get a drink, talk to my brother or catch my 40 winks. In comparison my blog is rather static since the past few weeks and most of the traffic are actually coming from search engines, resulting in a very high bounce rate of around 80%. Pretty crazy!

Here’s a rough update of what happened in the past month:

This layout – teddy-risation Theta

teddy-risation Theta

teddy-risation Theta

I have less to love about the current layout, finally. I’m actually very excited because this WP theme has been up for the longest period of time – compared to the short-lived teddy-risation Epsilon who managed to provoke my ultimate wraith in less than three days online – but then it is getting very clumsy, heavy, bloated and complicated. This theme was developed before the days I knew more about hacking functions.php and I actually loaded multiple Javascript libraries (jQuery, Prototype and Scriptaculous) on the same page. Bad. Very bad.

Regardless of how flawed the current theme is, it actually found its way into Theme Hybrid’s showcase :D rate my theme if you feel like it, thanks!

teddy-risation turned six!

A week ago this site has finally turned six :) It’s another big milestone – since it’s fifth birthday, this site has turned into more like a place where I dump my design inspirations, coding tutorials and some photography works. There is less and less writing about my life, and I’m very much aware of it. Most of the personal stuff has been migrated to Tumblr.

Speaking of which, I have recently migrated my Tumblelog, too. It was a silly mistake that I made, to make my Tumblr as connected to my other online identities as this site was. It was a foolish decision, because I ended up having too many prying eyes and nosey folks stalking my Tumblr entries. A week ago I made the decision to replace my original Tumblr site with a dummy page, while its actual contents were clandestinely moved to a new location – and you’ll have to ask me if you have not been given access to the new Tumblr.

Upgraded to WP3.0 Multisite

Over the week I have also upgraded this WP installation to the latest version, which has integrated WPMU in it, too. After some tinkering with wp-config.php and the .htaccess files, I have managed to activate the multisite feature and now I’m actually running an additional WP site on the server.

I’ll keep you guys posted about what the new site is about. But basically it’s a WP blog that serves the sole purpose of backing up all my tweets ;)

If you need any help with implementing WP3.0’s multisite feature, feel free to contact me. I’ll help you as much as I could.


If you read my Tumblr you’ll probably knew what happened, but to others I could only say that something major happened around me life lately – I wouldn’t say that its unpleasant or something worth to be celebrated of. It’s neither of both. It is more like a process of discovery, learning, embracing and accepting.

My life was, for a moment, up in smokes for a few days a week ago, which explains pretty much what happened – not only I was not in the mood to celebrate this site’s 6th birthday, I also had to migrate my Tumblr because of me writing some really private stuff in there. Since then, things have pretty much stabilized and my life has returned to normal (hopefully so).

And to all those who sent my emails and left comments on my Tumblr, lending me support and dishing out really helpful advice, thank you. You know who you are ;)

I guess that’s all for this update! I’ll keep you guys posted, watch out this space.

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