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Orchard Central Sky Garden

I’m finally back. After spending many nights toiling away on my desk with a mountainous, endless, bottomless pile of lecture notes and clearing all my papers, I have finally earned the right to get my normal life back. I realize that there’s some degree of time dilation during the examination period – my exams started on the 25th of March, a few days shy from the day two weeks ago. It only lasted 10 days for me, but it felt like forever.

Two weeks before the commencement of my exams, I traveled downtown to pick up some goods and passed Brenda her Threadless tee. Orchard Road was on my way so I decided to drop by Orchard Central to check out their sky garden. I have heard it from Ivy and Dayna about the place, and even read about it on a campus newspaper feature on sky greeneries in Singapore. I wanted to have a look for myself.

It turned out to be better than I have expected. In order to get all the way up there (it is located on the 11th floor), you will have to take a series of escalators up. Alternatively, if you’re the lazy one, there’s always the elevators waiting.

There sky garden actually spans two levels – the first level it shared the floor space with several restaurants, reducing it’s size to a small patch a grass with a few sculptures. Scaling a flight of starts hidden behind a green wall will bring you to the second level, which is home to waterfalls and ponds.

The following panoramas are made by stitching overlapping images on Hugin, and using a fisheye projection during mapping.

The Streets Below

The Streets Below

View from the second floor

View from the second floor

I am able to relate to Orchard Central sky garden very closely because of an architectural module I have taken in the previous semester, which is something about urban eco-architecture in Singapore context. I am very glad that more and more urban skyscrapers in Singapore are not only moving towards a more eco-friendly method of construction, but also to integrate the tropical garden feel into their design.

There were a few water lilies blooming in the pond and I took a handful of photos. Unable to decide among which one of them to use, I decided to combine them into one multiple-exposure shot:

Water lily

Water lily

I have a handful of photography and writing works which I have accumulated over the past month or so. I will be progressively releasing them, so do stay tuned for more updates!

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