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Happy Valentine’s and Lunar New Year!

It’s the time of the year again – fire crackers, albeit being condemned by the government as dangerous and illegal, going off in the distance; and fireworks lighting up the dark, clear and moonless night sky. Everybody in my hometown, Penang, is welcoming the Lunar New Year with a huge bang. Afterall, our celebrations are notoriously noisy, especially when it comes to lion dances. I could still remember very vividly how it felt like to experience heart palpitations when I stood too close to the thundering drums when I was a little kid.

Since then I have diligently shied away from the musical instruments, stopped being a nosy kid poking around the village for lion dance performances and joined the crowd enjoying the performance from a safer distance. A safer distance simply because you wouldn’t want to be showered with a generous offering of peeled tangerine skin when the lion dancers ritually peel the fruit up (or sometimes even tearing vegetables up) and throwing it away, right towards the crowd that is looking on intently.

Oh, and it’s Valentine’s Day too! Here’s a really nice poster I’ve got from my Tumblr feed:

Love is like Pi.

Love is like Pi.

Via chiawei: schmae: fuckyeahhappy

So far I’m doing good without much Internet access. Looks like I wasn’t *that* addicted afterall :)

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