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On Tumblr

On Tumblr

On Tumblr

After contemplating for ages, I finally decided to get a Tumblr account and start a Tumblelog. I have to admit that I was partially driven by John Grogan’s comment in his best selling book Marley & Me, that how keeping a daily log of his life actually helped a lot in recalling things that he believed he had far forgotten. His entry on Jenny’s miscarriage was so detail and in depth that he didn’t do much editing to his log before publishing it as a standalone chapter in that book. That is the power of a diary – and I was convinced.

So on impulse, or rather, after thoughtful consideration, I conceived a Tumblelog. I decided to name it Soliloguy, because I frequently find myself engaged in a monologue with my inner self. It is an abbreviation of “A guy’s soliloquy”, substituting the ‘q’ with a ‘g’. It was actually decided on the spot since a quick check revealed that the ‘soliloguy’ address was taken, apparently by yet another domain parker.

It’s available via soliloguy.tumblr.com or simply jotter.teddy-o-ted.com.

Ember was kind enough to warn me that I might end up killing this main blog. He uncovered by deepest fear and I have to admit that I did worry that the new Tumblelog will drain me of all my energy, ideas and creativity that is keeping this blog alive. However, I will try to maintain Soliloguy as a separate entity – a place where I write about my daily ramblings, thoughts and experiences. This blog will still remain, very solid-seated, as a photography and design site of mine. Photo journals, tutorials and other things I dig up from the Internet will still find themselves here.

After a three-day test run I am sold. Tumblr is indeed, awesome.

1. Tumblr keeps me thinking. I have committed myself to write a meaningful entry a day. It’s not an easy task to juggle, especially when my lecturers demand undivided attention and being a guy it’s hard to multitask *laughs*. I keep short notes on my iPod touch whenever an idea strikes me, and I try very hard to observe things around me. It made me think more in depth, to appreciate certain moments that are seemingly dull and bland, and to be aware of my surroundings. I actually kept a close watch on how my classmates reacted during a dissection of an unfortunate lab mouse today. I would not have done that if I didn’t task myself to come up with something by 12 midnight.

2. Tumblr takes my camera out of the drybox. There’s an entry about a person literally spraying excrement all over (not as if he wanted, I believe that it was purely an accident, a manifestation of, perhaps, an acute food poisoning) the cubicle right opposite my favourite shower stall in the communal toilet. I tried to append an image to every single entry and I actually made myself to take a photo of the cleaned toilet (no way I’m going to photograph a soiled toilet) – something that I wouldn’t even consider doing because I initially believed there’s nothing to photograph in a restroom.

3. Tumblr motivates me. In order to tell a good story, one has to have a good grasp of the language. Since I started Soliloguy, I have been actively combing through novels that I have read, and learned to appreciate how different authors describe certain scenes in detail. In White Oleander, Janet Fitch describe how moon light filtered through the window drapes. What a lovely adjective to use. In Marley & Me, John Grogan used words like “rambunctious” and “impudent” to describe the seemingly uncontrollable Marley filled with truckloads of puppy energy, and “torpid” to describe a lazy, lethargic summer afternoon. They seemed so foreign to me that I made myself to check up dictionaries and remember by heart how to use them when the context calls for it.

I guess that’s all I could say! I shall not kill this blog simply because I have started a Tumblelog. More updates to come, no worries!

Dear readers, if you have a Tumblelog, do leave your address behind so that I could follow you. Thanks!

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