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Mele Kalikimaka!

Merry Christmas, folks!

Merry Christmas, folks!

Here’s a big Merry Christmas to everyone! In fact, Mele Kalikimaka is a Hawaiian greeting, a transliteration from the very familiar phrase because the Hawaiian language simply lacks the matching phonemes equivalent to that of the “R” and “S” of English. I only learned about it after listening to a song from KT Tunstall’s 2007 Christmas album titled Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas, and the song is titled Mele Kalikimaka.

So, here is my Christmas greeting from the two countries that I’m currently based in – Malaysia and Singapore. Both countries are just like Hawaii where it never snows during this festive season and we have the sun by day and all the stars at night :) the two photos are actually taken around two weeks apart in December – the first one was during an outing with friends to Singapore Flyer for dinner, and the other was a very recent trip to town with Tysern and Kokxian. Both of which I am yet to blog about… *sigh* the backlogs are getting terribly long!

KT Tunstall - Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas (2007 Christmas Album)

Title: Mele Kalikimaka
Album: Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas
Artist: KT Tunstall

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

To my readers who are from the Northern Hemisphere, I hope the blizzard isn’t going to be too bad this year :/ I’ve heard various news reports that there’s very heavy snowfall in the US and a rather wet winter in London. I pray hard that the weather will be kind to all of you in the week to come! It’s such a great festive season I don’t want the weather to spoil everything. Nonetheless, nothing beats the warmth and comfort of snuggling besides a heater or the fireplace when it’s snowing so badly outside, does it? Too bad we don’t get to experience this in Asia Pacific. The weather in Malaysia is sweltering hot and I’ll need to turn the air con at full blast on the bedroom. I guess that goes the same way for the people from the land down under, too!

Okay, before I end this post let me squeeze in a photo update first! I’ve been to so many outings in the past two weeks that I totally lost track of the number of photos taken.

ION Orchard outing with Chankeet!

This was long overdue and it was pushed back by a week or so due to scheduling conflict. Finally we settled for last Tuesday when Chankeet will be heading to town later in the evening with his darling Yueqi for a surprise birthday party. Coincidentally I was travelling to town that day to collect my new ultra wide angle lens from Peninsula Plaza so we decided to meet up at Orchard station to get some food.

Waited for 45 minutes for that lazy bum to arrive because he couldn’t pull himself out of bed, lol! So much for making me rushing out of my room like a madman when I realized I nearly overslept. He overslept big time! Walked around ION orchard hunting for food outlets. The food court was a big nono because both of us knew that travelling all the way to town and then settling for food that one can find anywhere else on the island is just plain sad – so we stuck to a restaurant where one could make DIY teppanyaki! It wasn’t a bad experience :)

The DIY teppanyaki restaurant.

The DIY teppanyaki restaurant.

I totally forgot the name of the restaurant and I lost the receipt so I could only tell you that it’s on basement three. The pricing is rather okay, not too expensive but the portion is barely enough to fill one’s stomach. Each set lunch is served with a bowl of raw egg – Chankeet told me to fry it in the pan but I didn’t want to end up scooping the charred bits and pieces up so I ended up having it… raw. Don’t balk at that! I know many others who do that also. I’m not a big fan of raw eggs too since one could risk getting Salmonella infection but then I was lazy and couldn’t bear to see the raw egg go to waste.

Who's in that reflection?

Who's in that reflection?

After lunch we walked around the shopping strip to kill time before the time is 3pm. There’s this huge Christmas tree outside ION Orchard but it’s a shame that they have cleverly closed off the at-grade pedestrian crossing along Patterson Road (a sly move by the developer to divert pedestrian traffic into the subterranean shopping spaces of ION Orchard) and that totally massacred the street culture :( the plaza used to be packed with crowds in the old golden days of the good old Orchard station where the land which ION Orchard sits on was a large green lawn. Bah.

Looking up from the interior of the giant Christmas tree

Looking up from the interior of the giant Christmas tree

I got the idea to convert the photo to black and white from Darrick! Afterall, the photo doesn’t look any bit flattering in RGB because of the blatant lack of other colours besides purple and green :/ which is kind of boring! But still, the view if magnificent and the lines radiating from the top of the cone makes it a lovely photo.

Chankeet and the Christmas tree!

Chankeet and the Christmas tree!

Here’s a photo where you’ll roughly get the idea how dull the colors of the Christmas tree is, hah. That’s Chankeet taking a photo of the scene as well! Getting this perspective isn’t easy because I had to lie on the floor and gasp who knows how many people have stepped on it and whether the carpet was ever cleaned before.

Candid shot, outside the Christmas tree.

Candid shot, outside the Christmas tree.

We finally left the Christmas tree! We took a stroll along Orchard Road all the way to Somerset – it was a 10-minute walk. The crowd wasn’t too heavy that day so we didn’t have to tunnel through the endless sea of sweaty armpits haha. At Somerset, he met up with Yueqi who was busy ogling at all the stuff at Forever 21 (believe me, it’s of GARGANTUAN scale – I’ve never seen a boutique so huge) and then I left to scout for the buffet place where Dayna and Ivy booked a lunch date for the coming afternoon – read it here!

Have fun, be nice!

That’s all for today’s entry! I guess the next few days I’ll be very busy too – my cousin, uncle and aunt from Penang will be dropping by for a stayover, and then Bregitt and Rick will be staying over after them before we leave for a backpacking trip in Malaysia. Oh boy, this is getting really exciting!

Have a great Christmas and in case I didn’t have time to update this site in the next coming week, happy new year too!

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4 responses to “Mele Kalikimaka!” » Leave a response

  1. m3d

    great night shot of the KLCC tower and love the b&w x’mas tree shot

    yeap…Happy New Year indeed…2010 here we come ;)

  2. ChienResponse

    The snow here has been amazing! I love looking at the white ground especially when there are no grey clouds looming over. I even made several snowmen with my sister and friends. Unfortunately though, getting to town is quite a bother since the roads are so slippery and I’ve not the gear for winter. Since sales start today I’m going to buy myself some winter attire like boots and coats XD

    Mmm raw eggs. Back when I was young I’d eat them but now I tend to be careful. You could’ve put it in hot soup or something and let it cook by itself slowly ;) That’s what I always do :D I love drinking soup with bits of egg here and there :D

    I love looking at the B&W shot of under the tree. Simply amazing! It kinda looks like a space vortex. Seeing the Christmasy theme in Orchard Road reminded me of my trip to Singapore *again!* I can’t wait to go to Singapore next year :)

    Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year in advance!

  3. OridusarticResponse

    I had the chance to enter that Christmas tree in front of ION Orchard too when I was visiting Singapore last time. It was pretty.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas Teddy! =]

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