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On comes the panic light

Isn’t it amazing to know what exams could do to a person? I know know what effect has it got on you but to me, well, it’s rather profound.

For the past week or so I’ve been constantly haunted by unrealistic but eerily convincing dreams somewhat related to my upcoming exams – the latest one is the most bizzare and the more terrifying episode ever. I dreamed about checking my exam schedule before my first paper (next Monday) and to my horror, I realized that I was supposed to sit for a paper on Thursday (which, in the dream’s time, was four days back) – a paper that I don’t remember registeirng for. I panicked, logged into the school’s course registration system and found that I was registered for the course at the start of the semester. I even attended the lectures and tutorials but have no recollection of it whatsoever.

Then I bumped into a group of equally panicky undergraduates and from them, I learned that they, too, have missed the Thursday paper and only reazlied it today (as in, dream’s time Monday). The university deems that you have failed the paper if one fails to show up within the first hour upon the commencement of a paper, so we have all, by some technical glitch of sorts, failed a paper.

Oh, this is when it gets interesting. We decided that we should write a letter to the dean and petition that we should retake the paper, which had already passed, and grade us accordingly – or at least, give us the lowest possible passing grade regardless of our performance (as long as we score a passing mark and above). Then we did this finger-pointing game to decide who will be the unlucky victim to personally deliver the letter to the dean, of which by no surprise I was the unlucky winner.

The last thing I could remember is breaking out in cold sweat as I walked towards the general office, hands clentched tightly onto the paper. My sweat soaked through the envelope. I swallowed a gulp, knocked on the dean’s door. Then I heard the dean blaring Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry when I realized that it was actually my morning alarm waking me up.

At 6am in the morning. I don’t remember setting it the night before. Now that’s spooky.

p/s: Oh dang I missed the meteor shower because I dozed off at my desk… yet again.

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