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SG Tidbits 365 Mini Blog Contest

I’ve got an interesting thing to share today – I’ve been selected to host a mini blog contest alongside with the ongoing online competition organised by the S’pore Discovery Centre, under the initiative named SG Tidbits 365. Read up for more details on both competitions.

This giveaway contest has expired on the 22nd of November at 2359 hours. Thank you all for your active participation! Hang on for the results!

SG Tidbits 365 & Online Competition

SG Tidbits 365 is a S’pore Discovery Centre initiative and they are currently running an online contest (ending on the 31st of December 2009) where one can win prizes like an Apple iPhone 3GS by submitting a photo or video with bite sized captions to showcase an interesting or fun fact about Singapore.

What you will need to do is to submit photos and write a short caption – and you’re done! Alternatively, you may submit a YouTube video as well. Do check out the main site for more details and for the terms and conditions.

Mini Blog Contest

Besides the photography competition above, there’s a mini blog contest to give away prizes as well!

Don’t forget to read up on the Terms and Conditions of this mini blog contest. For eligibility, it’s a piece of cake – as long as you are able to turn up in person to collect the prize, then you’re in!

I’m honoured to be invited to be one of the five Singapore bloggers to organize a contest, in conjuction with SG Tidbits 365, of which you will stand a chance to win a Holga camera1. To suit the colour scheme of my blog, the organizers were very kind to provide me with a blue Holga camera to give you. I promise, no gimmicks, no tricky registrations, no purchases, no marketing.

Giveaway - Blue Holga camera

Giveaway - Blue Holga camera

In case you’re wondering what a Holga camera is, it is actually an inexpensive camera that was famous (or rather, infamous) in churning on distorted, discoloured images. But, hang on a second. That’s what makes Holga cameras so endearing, so do their photos. Here’s a few photos I’ve picked off Flickr, taken using the Holga camera just to give you an idea that all the distortions are not actually a bad thing, afterall.

Holga from 17 Stories The Holga Of Whoosh all the fun of holga Holga NYC

God's Holga rays... From Mexico... Holga-Swingin' hello Holga holga 008

holga. valencia. ca. 1997. 05980006 - Holga Holga lines holga, mojave phone booth. 2000.

The contest on this blog will run from the 9th of November to the 22nd of the same month. To participate in the contest, simply try to guess the locations where were the two following photos taken, and then type in the locations in the Google Form here (alongside with some of your personal particulars so that the organizers and I will be able to contact you if you’ve won). The clues to the location of the places in the photos are found in the caption underneath each photo:

Location A - Clue: Where Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is located.

Location A - Clue: Where Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is located.

Location B - Clue: One of the oldest HDB estates in Singapore.

Location B - Clue: One of the oldest HDB estates in Singapore.

You should check out the photo gallery at the SG Tidbits 365 website for the answers – the photos are actually entries submitted by competitors running for the online competition (as mentioned in the earlier part). If you have any idea where Location A and B are, quickly make your way to the Google Form and respond to the questions.

Of course, common sense dictates that you shouldn’t be leaving the answers in the comments section – afterall, you would want to have less people going after the Holga camera, right?

Winners will be contacted between 24th and 30th November. The Blue Holga camera has to leave in one way or another, so what you need to do is just to make sure that you’re the one who’ll be laying your hands on it :)

Next up, the terms and conditions of the competitions. Do read through the list carefully before jumping right in. I’ve decided to use a normal font size instead of rendering it in fine print *laughs* so, here you go!

Terms and Conditions

  1. All submissions have to be submitted by 2359 on 22 Nov 2009 using the Google Form found in this blog post.
  2. Each participant may submit up to three entries but only one entry with both correctly identified locations will stand a chance to win.
  3. The winner will be determined via lucky draw from all participants with correct entries.
  4. Each winner is only eligible to win ONE prize from this contest.
  5. The winner has to collect the prize in person on the stipulated date, time and venue, which will be revealed in the winning notification email.
  6. The prize cannot be transferred, negotiated nor exchanged. Only the prizewinner and not any other person or agent, may claim the prize. 24seven, and its partners for this contest, reserves the right to use the winner’s name, picture and information for publicity purposes, including but not limited to print, broadcast and online media.
  1. The Holga’s cheap construction and simple meniscus lens often yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions. The camera’s quality problems have become a virtue among some photographers, with Holga photos winning awards and competitions in art and news photography – Wikipedia
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