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Leave Me, a short film

Leave Me, a short film by Daros Films.

Leave Me is a four-minute short film produced by Daros Films, a  Tulsa-based independent film company founded by Ryan Dunlap (@dunlap).

Who says shorts are, well, too short to evoke any emotional attachment among the audience? Leave Me is a perfect example of a short done perfectly, artistically, beautifully and soulfully. Leave Me tells a sad tale of a widower finally finding solace in photos found in his wife’s (Amy’s) camera.

I was speechless when the credits started rolling – the finaly scene drove chills down my spine. I watched it over and over again, checking every single detail in the film. If you do it, you’ll realize the first scene actually have some photos that depict the scenes you will encounter in the later part of the short.

The short was the winner for the 36-hour film festival. The competition required them to include 3 out of the 7 elements1:

  1. Sunrise
  2. $100 bill
  3. Binoculars (or spyglass)
  4. Disguise (could include fake mustache, monster mask, etc.)
  5. Dutch angle
  6. Line: “You’re holding it in your hand.”
  7. Line: “I forgive you.”

If you watch the short a few times you’ll see that the director have tried very hard to include as many of the above elements as possible – some of them may not be very obvious but if you watch it a few times over you’ll eventually find them.

I hope Jack finally found eternal bliss with Amy.

  1. List obtained from one of the forum postings.
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