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8 years and counting

Remembering 911 - 8 years and counting

Remembering 911 - 8 years and counting

To the brave firemen of FDNY.

To the courageous police officers of NYPD.

To the undaunted passengers on the doomed flights.

To the selfless unnamed heroes.

To the friends and families who lost someone to the attacks.

To the soldiers and comrades, pawns of the ignorant, selfish and cowardly government but yet still continue to fight on.

To every American out there.

My heart goes out for you and my prayers are up for you.

Personal notes

Just like every other year since the day, I took time to read articles off the Internet. Boston Big Picture ran an excellent photo gallery, featuring a collection of photos during and after the attack.

9-11 was one event that changed the world – even to a kid back then who was blithely unaware of global issues, it was one the most deep-reaching, impactful and saddening one I’ve ever came across.

Newspaper snippets of the attack and the subsequent collapse of the towers; the twisted metal of the plane wrecks; the mournful look of New Yorkers days after the events, and the tears in their eyes – I kept many of them in a booklet that was since lost, but memories of them are forever etched in my heart.

Today I stumbled upon this photo.

Photos of 911 victims

Photos of 911 victims

I cried.

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