Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

The semester starts

Today marks the start of the second week for the first semester of my second year in university. To think of it, so many things have happened in the past 365 days – right from the first day of the freshmen orientation camp of 2008 when I felt super disoriented – that’s why we have orientation camps for, don’t we? – to the forging of new friendships, the settling into cliques, the group outings, the laboratory reports, the dreadful exams, the pain-in-the-butt psychology 101 modue and etc. I can’t believe so many things happened in my honeymoon year – or at least, that’s what my seniors call it.

My new room!

I sweared to myself to move to Hall 8 weeks after my first year in university. Unfortunately, I landed a room in Hall 15 which is kind of far from almost everything – including my middle hall (Halls 8 to 11) and old hall (Halls 1  to 7 except 3) friends. Hall 8 appealed to me to most because not only my BMF lives there, but also because it was located conveniently at the intersection of two local bus services and three intra-campus shuttle buses. Sounds very tempting, doesn’t it? And it’s just a few minute’s walk away from the pool (which I’m yet to use), two canteens, the lovely looking School of Art, Media and Design.

I managed to haul all my other junk from my old hall last Friday, with the help of BMF… whose birthday unfortunately falls on the same day as well. I felt terribly guilt-ridden to ask for help from a birthday boy who’s supposed to be enjoying his day off, but then there wouldn’t be anyone around to help me move before the hall office closes (at a very convenient time of 5.30pm, when most of my friends’ classses only end). I even tried to ask for help on Facebook, but only BMF and Legend replied, and Legend’s lesson only ends around the same irritating time the hall office closes, so I have only BMF to depend on. Actually, Mel also chimed in to help – she drives an SUV, doesn’t mind ferrying my two boxes in her vehicle but the problem is, she lives in the US. Thanks a lot for the offer though, Mel :P

BMF and I made our way to my old hall, moved my two boxes down to the road side and waited for a cab. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Only one empty cab appeared, and after we flagged it down we were only to be told that he’s on call – yea right, I saw his green light on. My best guess is he chickened out seeing that we had to squeeze two boxes into his delicate yellow cab. That was the last straw, I tried to call for one when another empty cab appeared. BMF hurriedly flagged it down, and the driver was more than happy to help us ferry my boxes around. Whew!

The fare ended up to be around $4.60. I gave him $10 and asked for a change of $5 will do – not every cab drivers are kind enough to pick up passengers like me with bulky luggages. When BMF moved from his temporary room to his current room (which was, surprise, two doors away from mine), he called a cab and when the driver saw the ungodly amount of stuff he needs to ferry, showed the blackest face on earth.

So now I’m happily settled into my new room!

My new room at Hall 8!

My new room at Hall 8!

They renovated the middle hall and new hall areas during the summer vacation – now we have some realistic-looking, wood-patterned vinyl flooring (initally I was foolish enough to believe that they were wooden), a new set of IKEA-esque furnitures which I have no idea why they picked white since they get dirtiest most easily and new drapes!

I live on the bed with the white sheets, and my roomie on the one with blue sheets (extreme right). The orange folded mattress is actually my squatter’s – he’s temporarily living with us until he manages to land himself a room on campus. For that, I’ll have to thank all superstitious and desperate moms back in 1987~1988 who, by hook or by crook, wanted to get their kids born in the auspicious year of dragon. Now we have a highly inflated male population because of the dragon-baby rush, resulting in many innocent people being displaced from rooms :(

Terry is incredibly bored

For the moment being, that is.

Chong and his bruised shoulders, chatting with an incredibly bored and unmotivated Terry.

Chong and his bruised shoulders, chatting with an incredibly bored and unmotivated Terry.

Chong, my BMF, just returned from cheer training. His shoulders were badly bruised no thanks to the intensive cheerleading training. I can completely understand his decision to leave cheer when they do the passover a few weeks later. Poor thing! I was kind of bored, video chatting with him. In the background is my dearest roomie of four years :)

p/s: Yea and I am very well aware that I do not look like a second year university undergraduate.

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