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Michael Jackson, your legend lives on

In case you haven’t got the new yet, legendary king of pop Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50, his life robbed by the unpredictable, menacing killer, the cardiac arrest (better known as heart attack). I briefly logged in to Twitter today morning before leaving for Penang for a one-week homestay with my cousin, and saw Demi Moore’s update on Michael’s passing. Thinking that it’s a hoax – perhaps a hacked twitter account? I tried checking Wikipedia but they’ve locked the page for six hours to prevent any unauthorized editing until his death is confirmed. A quick Google search brought some relief with links to many news sites but the bummer came when many of them were flooded with traffic and were throwing up “Server Too Busy” errors.

RIP, Michael Jackson.

RIP, Michael Jackson.

Michael was found collapsed at his rental home in Los Angeles on the morning of June 25, 2009. 911 emergency services personnel found no pulse on Michael. They rushed him to the UCLA Medical Center, and Michael slipped into coma shortly after that then pronounced dead at 2.26pm.

In a few hours, his death spread like wildfire. Fans of the legendary pop icon flocked to UCLA, crowds overflowing the sidewalks and spilling onto crosswalks and streets alike. Many paid their tribute by dressing in his style fo costimes, complete with white cotton gloves on their hands. Late into the evening and night, people held up candles, blasted the songs that rocketed and solidly positioned him as the king of pop. People danced to the beat, hoping the very best to keep his legend alive.

M.J and I

What Michael Jackson meant to me – I only remember that his face, songs and dance moves. His famous Black and White MTV played over and over again over the television – the words “It don’t matter if you’re black or white” etched a deep impression in me. I still remembered gawking at the amazing visual effects in the MTV, ranging from transitioning from a dance stage to a real stage set in the middle of wilderness with natives riding horses storming the scene. I remembered him dancing along with an Indian dancer in the middle of the street. I can recollect the ground-breaking face-morphing sequence, featuring esctatic Tyra Banks whose career was just about to take off. Of course, not to forget him showing off his sleek dance moves on a deserted street, screaming and shouting, smashing glasses (the studio had slurs digitally superimposed on them to justify his act of vandalism).

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In my childhood years, everybody with a name Michael will be called Michael Jackson. There’s this boy who lives behind my grandma’s shophouse, and you bet, his name was Michael and we’ve always been teasing him to replicate MJ’s dance moves. Of course he can’t – the only thing he did was to grab his crotch and shake it. Haha!

Rest in peace, Michael. Even as the organic part of you dissolves and fades away, your legend, your music, your personality, will remain as part of us, our culture, our history and our lives.

Fonty Friday

Miso, by MÃ¥rten Nettelbladt, is a typeface designed specially for architecture drawings. It’s slim, compacted form allows you to fit it into every single nook and cranny in your diagrams.

Fonty Friday - Miso

Fonty Friday - Miso

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