Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

There’s something in the making

teddy-risation Theta, in the making.

Ah,this is the best what I can show for the moment being. A little more and I’ll be spilling the beans of my upcoming (not to be publicly released though, sorry guys) WordPress theme. teddy-risationâ„¢ Theta is the 8th generation of my custom made, hand-coded WordPress theme, starting from Alpha of course. There’s a comprehensive list of screenshots of my previous WP themes at the about page, you can head over there to have a look at the older ones. I actually have two older ones – the Green and Blue versions but they’re so ugly that I wouldn’t be specifically calling for them here. Nonetheless, they are one of my first few experiences with full-scale theme design for the WP blogging platform.

The upcoming theme will be presented in an even more minimalistic way than the current layout is (you’re currently viewing Eta at the moment this post was published). It still consists of lots and lots of blue, a dark background evident from the screenshot, and a faint-coloured content holding area. I’ve always been dreaming of trying out a completely dark background theme but after seeing how Veerle and Abduzeedo (just to name a few) pulled out the colour scheme is such a divine way, I gave up trying it and stuck to the conventional white background black text variation.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m also in the process of rebranding this blog – the capitalised ‘Y’ and ‘N’ in the blog title has to go, I told myself. I’ve also started using Terry or Teddy instead of the teenage-feel ‘teddY’ nick when leaving comments on your blog. The nick was created almost half a decade ago by a teenager who has never knew much about design and branding, let alone the stupidity behind weirdly capped words.

The theme will be ready around the weekend, or latest by Tuesday if everything goes well. Claudia has engaged me to design a WP blog for her, I just submitted the mockup to her today morning. She’ll be forwarding the decision to me on Monday, so that I can start with the skinning of the WP theme. I think I will most probably be using Sandbox as the base theme because I have been using it for the past three themes and it’s such a joy to use :) If the Theta is not ready to be released by then, it will probably take another week or two to be finally done with. That is because I’ll have to place my client’s (and my paying job!) at top priority. Converting the PSD for Claudia shouldn’t be so hard this time because I’ve struggled and learned a lot when designing Theta. Theta is my first theme being converted from a true PSD to XHTML/CSS – I can’t believe that in the past, I just had a rough sketch of what I want in mind and then jump direclty into the coding. Nightmarish scenario!

Fonty Friday!

TGIF! I’m a little late for those GMT +7 and beyond folks because it’s already Saturday by now. Introducing you Petit Latin by Manfred Klein, a gracious, beautiful serif font. I’m personally not very fond of serifs because of my very specific taste for the little tiny ticks (serifs, as they call it) at the tips of the characters – besides from Georgia, I can only name Petit Latin.

Fonty Friday - Petit Latin

How to convince (insert name) to lock up the door

This is a hilarious prank video I was directed to on Facebook yesterday. Zachary posted about it and I laughed just so hard! Note: if you have a instrinsic, deep-down, uncontrollable and potentially fatal fear of the Jason mask, do not proceed (I’m just exaggerating by the way, but don’t tell me you weren’t warned).

Here’s the video description:

This kid wants to teach his aunt that she should lock her doors by putting on a hockey mask and scaring her while she is on the phone. Her reaction from the scare is awesome.

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

p/s: I love his aunt’s ringtone!

Updates on life

I hope you are not royally pissed of me for not leaving comments on your blogs. Life is a little too busy for the moment being – juggling the design of two WP themes is already enough, let alone my commitment of swimming 10km every week during the entire summer (I can also use that to prepare myself for the Perhentian Islands vacation). Today was a little unusual because I actually swam 5km instead of the stipulated 2.5km – the pool was surprisingly empty for a Friday evening and so I siezed the chance to swim a few more laps. When I hit the 40th lap (one lap is 2 x 50m – on the 50m long pool, it’s a return trip teehee) I told myself that since I’m already into it, I might as well double my day’s goal from 25 laps to 50 laps.

I train in sets of 3 laps (6 x 50m, that is) – 2 breaststroke (B) and 1 freestyle (F), and I cycle between BBFBBF for the set. I wouldn’t call it training because I’m not aiming to join some competition from my swim – swimming to me is exactly like photography and blogging to me – I have never had any idea in mind to earn money (or anything equivalent) from it, and I treat it as a personal pursuit and responsibility, a hobby that I indulge and a past time to enjoy. I embrace swimming only when I return home because the club pool is always vacant on weekday afternoons and I can have a whole pool to myself – plus a lifeguard watching over. It feels like you’re having a bodyguard because he just has to look after you and make sure that you won’t drown, haha.

Lately I’ve been watching Judge Judy off and on during design work to take my mind off things – it’s funny to know that there are still so many stupid people around. Like how this dumbo sued her friend over a damaged toilet seat, and the case was dismissed in 2.5 minutes haha. EPIC FAIL, I tell you. You should listen to Judge Judy’s comments, very hilarious indeed.

Oh, and the crappy local ISP, Streamyx, is making Twitter load at a crawl for me. I hasn’t been on for days and I’m itchy all over! I call that the Twitter Withdrawal Symptom. Darn. Well, Streamyx is shiteous at its best. So much for being a monopoly in the Malaysian broadband market.

That’s all for today! :) have a great weekend!

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