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End of a dreadful week

It’s the last day of the working week again! To anyone who’s reading this during office hours, get back to work and appreciate the gleefulness in you of knowing that a weekend is ahead – given that you don’t have to work overtime again. For the ‘dreadful’ part, I will describe it in rather vivid detail later in the post. Let’s focus on my promise to you first:

Fonty Friday

For this week, we have the font Sketch Rockwell (free) / Sketch Block (paid) by Artill. It’s a really nice font, simple, neat and nice in one.

Fonty Friday - Sketch Rockwell

In case you haven’t notice, this is also the font used by Embr for his header design of his lovely WordPress theme.

Infrared photography works

I’ve been doing some infrared photography from time to time, and this week was a fantastic week. I wonder why good weather always, always has to coincide with exam periods where people are grounded in their rooms for revisions. When I decided to have a break last Saturday, I walked under the searing heat to get some really nice shots. All photos are taken with RAW + Jpeg (but I processed the Jpegs instead, I was too lazy), with a Hoya R72 50mm infrared filter and the standard Sony Alpha kit lens.

Click on the photos to reveal a larger version of it. The larger photos are around 300kb, so you might want to wait a little while for them to load.

It all goes downhill from here.

It all goes downhill from here.

Taken further up the road near the Graduate Hall, looking down the hill that leads to my hall.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming

It was a really warm afternoon. It was so warm that the row of tiles leading to the canteen actually cracked open from the heat. The tree cutters were working since morning to trim the tree branches along the road so that they will not snip any tall vehicles – we have double-deck buses traveling around campus, so they have to keep the stray branches away.

Just another scene outside my hall.

Just another scene outside my hall.

Another common scene I see everyday as I step out of my room to catch a bus – sans the traffic, that is. Nanyang Cresent, the name of this tree-lined avenue, is usually packed with traffic all the time – it all starts at 5.30am when the first bus plough the streets, and ends around 2am when people stop driving around at that hour.

Royally dreadful week

<rant length="long" type="moody" profanity="some" rating="M16">

Sat for and survived another three papers this week – Basic Cell Biology, Principals of Genetics and Business Finance. The first one I did fairly well, but I epically bombed the last two, especially the latter. We only had two hours to sift through a handful of complicatedly-phrased questions, and I had only 30 minutes left when I realized that I haven’t touched a single question on the multiple choice section. As the papers were collected, I looked around and everyone had that dreadful look on their face – half relieved that the paper was over, half dying inside that the paper was a killer one. Principals of Genetics didn’t fall far behind on the heartache it gave me – being a multiple answer multiple choice paper (meaning that each question can have more than one choice), I fumbled pretty badly. I hurriedly stole a quick glance at my notes after the paper at the bus stop, and it felt like driving an ice pick driving through my sternum. Painfulness2.

I was a little disoriented and depressed for the rest of Wednesday, walked around aimlessly on the campus ground for the entire afternoon and evening, hopping on and off bus stops. I should have brought my camera along – who might know that photography therapy works. I remembered staring into the campus swimming complex near the evening, the sun was gorgeous. I checked my bag and realized I conveniently packaged my swimming gears, but was too self-conscious and afraid to trot half naked around the poolside. In the end, I headed out for McDonalds for McTherapy instead.

For the entire day, I only listened to one song on my music player, looping over and over again – Komm, süßer Tod, which means ‘come sweet death’ in German. Music therapy works as well (although not as effective as McTherapy). I woke up on Thursday morning and the first thing that ran through my mind was my royally f#$@ed up papers. What a great start. It immediately zapped my motivation to study for my last paper next Tuesday, I rolled on the bed for around 10 minutes, slipped back into lalaland and woke up at 2pm, totally missing lunch. I headed out for dinner again, settled for something more expensive today to make myself feel a little better (it’s something like retail therapy, except that it’s the ‘foodie’ version).

And then came Tuesday night… or was it Wednesday night? I couldn’t remember. Headed out for dinner with Jyno, met Jackson along the way. I was pacing around the dizzying array of stalls when this person from my Business Finance module showed up. I had no hard feelings against him, just a little irritated at the first impression he left me – he wants to be ahead of everyone. I totally didn’t see it coming when he asked me a whole lot of details of the exams – how did I feel about the paper, how did my friends think about the paper; then moving on to how many questions did I not do, how many questions did my friends not do; then bragging about how many questions he did (to quote, ‘I think I’ll get 70 and above’).

And then he dropped the bomb – I don’t want to get a meazly A-. I want to get an A or A+. I want to minor in business. Disgruntled, I told him that he doesn’t need a freaking A to get a minor – even a C will suffice. Unwilling to torture myself with his wacko answer and self-centeredness, I ran off as abruptly as how he started the conversation. If it weren’t for the crowd and for my sanity, I would have shoved my feet into his face.

I headed back to the table, rambled the whole baloney that idiot gave me at the stall and Jyno laughed. It feels good that someone actually understands what I’m talking about, and more importantly, emphatizes with me. So, my best guess is, it’s not a ‘myself’ thing against that person, but more of him being an anal-retentive jerk.

Ah, I rambled too much this week. I hope I will be fine for the last paper.


It feels a lot better now. I shall leave it behind me – what has happened, has already happened. I couldn’t care more about the past anymore – a painful reminder, yes. A lesson learned, yes. A thing to dwell on, no. Time for me to move on, and more importantly, salivate over the prospects of spending two months at home this summer (and perhaps, some impromptu vacation!).

p/s: Oh, and I took an hour or so designing an error/gotcha page for a directory that hosts my demo pages – tell me if you like it or not.

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