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45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos

45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos

45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos

Photo credits: Clockwise from top, like a record… by shoothead, Bisecting the Moonrise by jurveton, Swing III by Kristen Elsby, Just so exciting by Kevin Day, NN by paralecitam and Tumbling Dice by rosendahl.

Smashing magazine posted an amazing compilation of 45 motion blur photos from various photographers back in 2008. It’s not a new post, but that doesn’t diminish the beauty of the collection and the photos themselves. It’s a very inspirational article who will definitely nudge many photographers out there to give slow shutter speed photography a try.

Depending on the scene and what you want to depict, motion blur photos typically require you to have a sturdy tripod (please, don’t trust your hands) unless you want to go freestyle kind of motion blur photography. However, a caveat is that if you’re shooting under broad daylight, the amount of light is usually too much such that it overexposes your photo – a workaround will be using a neutral density filter that will reduce the overall brightness of the scene, allowing you to work with longer shutter speeds.

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