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TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday!

Just in case you’re unclear of what everyone is screaming on Twitter, Plurkm blogs, comments and etc, TGIF simply means Thank God It’s Friday. The phrase represents the optimism one will have as he looks forward to a weekend spent doing the things he likes (for most people, that is).

Before I start the post, I’ve decided last Saturday (I was a little grumpy that I made that decision on Saturday, instead of a day earlier) that I will run this Fonty Friday feature every week if I manage to find some lovely typeface to share. I am considering doing a Foto Friday too, but given that exams are within 2 weeks I don’t think I can churn out any good photos for the next month or so.

So here we have the first run of Fonty Friday, bringing you Museo Sans, a lovely sans-serif font:

Fonty Friday - Museo Sans

Museo sans comes with five different weights: 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900; and with two different stlyes: normal and italic. Only the 500 normal and 500 italic are free – for the rest, you’ll have to pay. But Museo Sans 500 Normal/Italic is already too beautiful to resist. You can download Museo Sans (weight: 500 is free) here. In order to proceed with the download, you will have to register as a member though.

A little upate from the web this week:

  1. YouTube undergoes a small redesign, and succumbs to the power of Twitter.
  2. Create triangles by using purely CSS – an interesting way of utilising the border property!
  3. Twitter’s FailWhale immortalised in Lego bricks (thanks @inf3ktion for the heads up!)
  4. So… are you participating in Earth Hour? Just one hour. Make a difference.
  5. Best WordPress Design Awards just released the list of participating websites/blogs/online portfolios. Interesting to see that quite a few websites are still not using pretty permalinks. Eheh! I’ve got a few friends who’are participating in the competition – Aki, Dayna and Ivy. All the best!

Finally, some photo updates!

All thanks to the never-ending stream of tutorials and lectures (that I always fail to keep up), it has been ages since I last seriously brought my camera out on a photoshoot. However, I do have a whole bunch of photo backlogs piling up in my harddisk as well (8.8GB of free space left, most of them dedicated to big bulky RAW files, meh). Here are some photos that I’ve taken in the past few months:

I remembered heading to Jurong Point with my coursemates on one Monday afternoon – Mingyun, Marianne and Cheryl, if I wasn’t wrong. Cheryl was always her chirpy self, and she couldn’t stop yapping about how nice the food was at the cafe she was bringing us too. In the end, the food turned out to be pleasantly tasty, although I have to settle for a rather small serving of spaghetti bolognaise.

Marianne and Mingyun in the background. The godly spaghetti bolognaise in the foreground.

Marianne and Mingyun in the background. The godly spaghetti bolognaise in the foreground.

Ah, and the photo above reminds me of Mingyun’s long locks. She sacrified them when she decided that she’ll have shorter hair instead. I remembered myself failing to recognise her on the first day of school after she returned from the revolutionary haircut – she was sitting right down the row and I had the balls to ask where she is (because I couldn’t recognise her from her new hair). Now I got used to her short hair, and I think she looks great in it :)

Brownie and a melting ice cream.

Brownie and a melting ice cream.

I am a certified brownie-evangelist (kind of). I find myself instantly falling in love with anything made with chocolate, so… brownie is naturally included in my list of food fetishes. The cafe topped it up with a lovely melting vanilla icecream with caramel/chocolate sauce porued all over it. Divinity!

The Moon

The Moon

This photo is actually a combination of two different photos – one whose exposure is metered against the clouds and the other whose exposure is metered against the surface of the moon. The former causes the moon to be overexposed while the latter underexposes the clouds. But combining the two different photos together and then masking the irrelevant portions of each photo, I arrived at this photo. I also used a little trick with the cloud rendering filter to add dimension to the clouds.

At a NTU bus stop.

At a NTU bus stop, a HDR.

This is one of the first ten photos I’ve taken using my newly acquired Konica Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lenses. The photo was shot in RAW and then passed through Photomatix Pro 3 for pseudo-HDR processing. Saved the psuedo-HDR as 16-bit TIFF, imported it into Photoshop and did the basic tweaking with levels, curves, saturation and contrast. It was taken during the evening rush hour time where students will flock to the bus stop, hunting for an empty space in the next available bus. People would swarm their way into the packed crowd like bees to honey. Sometimes I secretly give thanks to being able to live on campus, which saves me from all this rush hour madness.

That’s all for this update :) have a great weekend!

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