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Tilt-shift Time Lapse Photography Video – Oh my darling!

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

You’ve heard about tilt-shift miniature faking photography before. Basically, the photographer is trying to emulate what you’ll see when viewing a miniature model set – with a very narrow depth of field plus a colour-wise souped up version of the scene (usually model designers love colour saturation a lot). This is slightly different from the real tilt-shift photography when the photographer actually have to use special lenses to achieve the similar miniature-model effect.  The technique became wildly popular with photographers, and we see tutorials (one, two and three) being written to help you achieve the same effect, as well as an amazing gallery from SmashingMagazine. displaying 50 beautiful examples of it. Hang on a second – there’s even a Flickr group for photos too!

Creating a video like what pioneer Keith Loutit did requires a little more effort. My best guess will be having freeing out a day or two, grabbing a tripod along (preferably with a remote shutter release for your convenience) and lots of patience. Last, but not least, the post processing part, which involves passing the slew of photos you’ve taken through some pre-made Photoshop action and then using a video-making programme to put everything together. It’s a lot of work, so big kudos to Keith for making it possible :)

Keith also have many other more tilt-shift time lapse photography video on Vimeo, be sure to check them out!

p/s: In case you’re wondering, the song in the video is titled Clementine, performed by Megan Washington. What a lovely song, isn’t it?

Last, but not least, some samples from me:

Tilt-shift Photography - Spinner @ Genting Highlands Theme Park

Tilt-shift Photography - Spinner @ Genting Highlands Theme Park

Not a particularly good example since it is recommended that photographers use photos that are taken from the top, viewing down – simply because it’s hard for you to bring your camera to ‘ground level’ in a miniature set, right?

Tilt-shift Photography - Bukit Timah Road

Tilt-shift Photography - Bukit Timah Road

Tilt-shift Photography - Shuttle Bus on Campus

Tilt-shift Photography - Shuttle Bus on Campus

Tilt-shift Photography - Sentosa Beach

Tilt-shift Photography - Sentosa Beach

Tilt-shift Photography - Sunway Water Theme Park

Tilt-shift Photography - Sunway Water Theme Park

If you have any tilt-shift photography works, feel free to link them in your comments :) I’ll be more than happy to see your works, heh!

[Edit]: Here’s another time lapse video (not tilt-shift, but it’s too cute I can’t leave it out) of a baby playing with his toys. Four hours of fun!

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28 responses to “Tilt-shift Time Lapse Photography Video – Oh my darling!” » Leave a response

  1. NoktahHitamResponse

    If you could snap from higher ground, I bet you can produce a mouth watering photo using tilt shift effect. Non-the-less, admire the talent bro ;) Keep going since you’re on the roll.

    Check out NoktahHitam’s latest blog post » Paintball: I Finally Know What War Feels Like.

  2. LatrinaResponse

    Oh wow, this is a pretty brilliant technique. I have seen it used before yet never knew exactly what it was. Thank you for sharing! Really enjoyed the links and photos. I especially loved your Beach one. It really makes them all look like little plastic toys! Hah, I wanna try this now. :) If I can manage to create a decent photo, I will definitely share it with you!

    Check out Latrina’s latest blog post » Nine years in the making.

  3. graceResponse

    ha ha, I see NTU! nice! I’m studying in NTU, my friend (also from there) showed me this blog.cute photos!

    I tried tilt-shift faking a while ago just for fun, and did one of NTU too with the 179 as the subject :p


    quite a few flaws here and there in my work though, and it wasn’t done too excellently.. but it is very fun to play with :)

    Check out grace’s latest blog post » null

  4. KNizamResponse

    great artwork. wish i could do it using my digicam. hehe :)

  5. OridusarticResponse

    Haha the ‘Spinner’ is kinda a failure I think, but the last one is a perfect success of tilt-shift photography. Before reading the whole text, I just scrolled down to your post and I thought the last image was really a miniature toys of a water theme park. =D

    Check out Oridusartic’s latest blog post » Cork & Screw

  6. AnorkResponse

    Wow, that looks very cool! I have actually never seen this type of photography before, so you’ve enlightened me!

    That baby video was so cute! I definitely could not have done that as a child. He played for a long time without crying or falling asleep. I would have been exhausted after all that. (:

    Check out Anork’s latest blog post » It is the first day of Spring, my friends.

  7. |1f34|-|1r3Response

    i’ve read about this tilt-shift photography somewhere..but i forgot where..it teaches how to do it the correct way…by looking at the pictures…i can it’s perfect…

    Check out |1f34|-|1r3’s latest blog post » Investing in silver

  8. ingSiangResponse


    Check out ingSiang’s latest blog post » Chinese New Year 2009 : First Day

  9. LatrinaResponse

    Haha, I just noticed the Baby video you included. That was the funniest thing! I am just amazed.. that a 9mo could be so happy and content for such a long period of time. I love observing babies and toddlers.. so much fun they are! So I really enjoyed that. :P My only thought though.. did his parent really leave him alone for 4 hours?.. lol

    Check out Latrina’s latest blog post » Nine years in the making.

  10. DaynaResponse

    I like the one of the Merry Go Round. It looks fascinating to see what a camera could do. You’re just tempting me to get a DSLR to learn even more. ;)

    Check out Dayna’s latest blog post » Best WordPress Design Award

  11. razifmustapha

    look like very2 small tiny ‘creatures’ huhu. Amazing vid!

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  13. hemyResponse

    oh..they call it tilt-shift photography?? I thought miniature effect something like that..

    nice picturesssss

  14. hannahResponse

    the one with the swings disturbs me for some reason…

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