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My Valentine’s Day

This post is outdated by one week, but I guess it will be nice if I share the photos I’ve taken during Valentine’s Day. Yea, I am single (weaves another story out of it, we’ll leave it for other posts) and so that Saturday didn’t have much meaning to me. The weather was perfect so I grabbed my tripod, my infrared filter and headed out for another day of outdoor free-for-all photography. Sometimes I prefer shooting alone because I won’t feel so bad for having others to wait and vice versa, and the only place you can’t go is limited by your own physical limits.

I took quite a few infrared shots around the campus, I guess I will just pick a few nice ones to share.

Fountain. Trees. Clouds.

Fountain. Trees. Clouds. f/6.3, 6 sec, ISO 100.

This photo is taken outside Lee Kim Wee Lecture Theatre, facing the Student Services Center (whose top floor is peeking out of the tree tops). There seems to be a slight issue with the hot spot (my kit lens aren’t really suitable for IR photography) but it’s still looking good. Slightly burned the sky during post-processing. The reason why I chose ISO 100 is because I didn’t want too much noise to be in my photo – you know, infrared photos taken from unmodified cameras like mine usually will contain a lot of noise. To make up for the inadequacy, I opted for a longer shutter speed of 6 seconds.

The Fork, at NIE.

The Fork, at NIE. f/3.5, 5 sec, ISO 100.

Taken at the National Institute of Education, where buildings on two sides of the strcutre split apart, with the canteen located in between the two wings at the end of the fork. The sky is definitely overexposed – that’s partially because of the overcast sky.

At the stairs, an infrared panorama.

Of course there are more infrared photos and panoramas. I’ve uploaded a few of them to my Flickr set called NTU, in a different light – be sure to check them out if you have the time.

Later in the day I went with my roomie (who was my college roomie as well) to our secondary school buddies gathering at a al-fresco steamboat restaurant located downtown. He brought his girlfriend along as well, but it’s a pity that she couldn’t quite understand what we’re all yapping about (well, guys do get excited when they meet up too!).

Down the street, with Suntec City towers in the background.

Down the street, with Suntec City towers in the background.

The photo above is a pseudo-HDR image converted from RAW (I was too lazy to get a tripod to take bracketed exposures). Converted using Photomatix and touched up in CS3. I can’t shake the habit of launching CS3 although I have CS4 installed. Back to the photo itself, the steamboat restaurant we’re heading to is actually located at the corner unit of the row of shops to the left.

And here are some of the photos I’ve taken during our dinner. Since it was my roomie’s birthday on Valentine’s Day, they bought him a cake and celebrated outside a small shop selling appel strudel – the lady was a little mad that we didn’t buy much from her shop, but hey, we did buy some strudels!

Yow on the phone. Before the steamboat dinner. Che-Hsien, our army officer out from OCS! Posing with the birthday boy. Pow and his *clears throat* Happy birthday and Valentine's Day!

That’s all for this update!

So… how was your Valentine’s Day? Feel free to link to the post you’ve written about it! If your post gets held up in moderation queue because of linking, no worries, I will approve them in a jiffy.

p/s: In case you have not noticed, I’ve slightly altered the post metadata section. Tell me if you like it or hate it :)

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