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Are you ready to jump?

Earthlink jump

The Earthlink Jump. f/5, 1/800th sec, ISO 100.

I hereby plug Madonna’s superhit single, Jump. It’s a really nice song, and is of course aptly used in fashion-themed filmsThe Devil Wears Prada. It’s even featured in Ugly Betty’s season finale. Play the song and pause it to allow buffering:

Title: Jump (album: Confessions on a Dance Floor)
By: Madonna

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

*If the song isn’t playing although it’s buffering and you’re using Firefox – it’s Firefox’s fault.

The photo was taken a week before the launch of our environmental awareness campaign – we gathered at Mengli’s block to prepare some materials for her exhibition. Vincent returned with 60 copies of EAC posters, designed by yours truly. Before we noticed, it was already evening and sunlight was pouring through the sliding doors of the common area. We took some silhouette photos and then I suggested that we should take a jump shot.

I ushered the rest of them onto the grassy patch right outside the common area. There’s a steep hill less than 3 meters behind them so I kept reminding them to watch out – the prospects of any one of them tumbling down the slope sent chills down my spine, hah. We didn’t even do a test jump – they happily coordinated among themselves and jumped together. All I need to do was just to frame them properly and capture that definitely moment.

The photo was taken on our first try. Not bad for a group jump! The JPEG was a little too dark because of the strong lighting by the evening sun, but thankfully I shot it in a RAW + JPEG combo so I have a RAW file to play around with. Altered the tint, contrast and filled the foreground subjects with light. That’s one of the reasons why you should shoot with RAW when there’s enough space on your storage medium – it gives you a greater flexibility over post-processing.

The Earthlink Jump - JPEG vs Camera RAW

The Earthlink Jump - JPEG vs Camera RAW

Just around the corner we have the dreaded Friday 13th and then Valentine’s Day on Saturday. What an odd, ironic combination. Just in case I didn’t have time to send my wishes, stay safe on Friday (e.g. duck when you see your boss) and then have fun on Saturday! All the happiness to all the couples that reads this. If you’re still single (like me), fret not. Valentine’s Day is a good day to spend money on yourself – show your ego some love, will ‘ya?

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