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That’s a weird dream. Really weird.

First of all, happy Lunar New Year to everyone out there! I went home for five days instead of the entire week like my other friends since I’ve got a huge event in a few day’s time. Of course I took a lot of photos but I am still in the midst of post-processing. That perfectionist inside me is taking over again. Here’s a photo of myself, inspired by Ember’s photo ‘Smile.‘, and there are more ahead. Stay tuned!

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Back to the topic of having a really weird dream, I was reading Nel’s latest entry today when I was suddenly reminded me the dream I had. My interpretations are in italics.

I dreamed about going to this shopping mall near my house with a group of my friends, whose faces were conveniently blurred out (a way of unconscious self-censorship perhaps?) except for one – how convenient – I’ll tell you more about it later. I think that’s because I wanted to go shopping badly during the break but sadly most shops were closed for Lunar New Year. The dream borrowed many elements from my previous forgotten dreams – a very eerie Déjà vu effect since I’ve never manage to recall most of them with my conscious mind. There was a huge shopping mall outside an elevated expressway, lots of flashing neon lights and sign boards – something like Times Square but way more surreal. This scene is actually borrowed from the view outside my neighbourhood – there’s a highway, a huge shopping mall and a large glowing billboard at night.

We headed in and went window shopping. At one dark corner, the friend whose only face was not blurred out pulled me into a corner and we started making out. And he’s a guy. The scary thing is that I could vividly remember every single thing we did during the makeout – the groping, the French kiss and all. It was indeed disturbing. Either I’m really sexually deprived (see below) or it has something to do with the discussion revolving around sexuality I had with my friends last week. I could still remember his face – short spikey hair, moderate-length sideburns, eyes that speak. He was wearing a white/beige tee (for some reason the dream was sepia-toned, I can remember very clearly) and baggy jeans, a pair of Converse shoes. That imagery is probably borrowed from various people I’ve known well throughout my life, and the Converse shoes are mine.

After that we headed for the arcade, a really huge one I reckon so big that it you could get lost in it. I love going arcades since I got hooked to it in Secondary 4 – just go there and have fun. He the glued himself to a football machine, I fooled around with the other machines and then decided to head home. I was walking alone along the road, with cars whizzing past me. The night was cold, I hear Chinese firecrackers and fireworks being set off in the distance, I held on to my jacket even harder. It was a beautiful night. That’s probably mirroring what I felt on that day itself – the day was cold (it was raining) and people were setting off fireworks at night.

Back at home, I remembered surfing the Internet and then realizing that the guy I made out with, a friend of a friend, was actually my long lost web friend. It”s actually Adrian, a Plurk buddy who I’ve got really close with but then lost contact after he quitted Plurk. I’ve never seen his face before, so I’m starting to wonder whether does he look like that too… but I hope not! Regarding the fact that I’ve never seen his face before applies to my websister Rei, who I’m still yet to see her in real life. Suddenly a mixture of joy and sadness overwhelmed me.

I woke up.

I remember my psychology lecturer telling us about Sigmund Freud – a psychologist who theorized that sexually-deprived people, especially during the conservateive eras in the past, usually had erotic dreams. Climbing up a stairway, corssing a bridge, flying in an airplane, entering a room, train travelling through a tunnel (haha – reminds me of this NSFW parody made by madTV, go to 0:37) equate to sexual intercourse; apples, peaches and grapefruits mean breasts; bullets, fire, snakes, hoses and knives mean the male sex organs while ovens, closets, caves and ships equate to the female sex organs. Mmmhmm. So does that mean I’m sexually deprived, or what?

That’s a mouthful. Anyway, what are your weirdest dreams?

[Edit]: I attended my tutorial session today and I realised that my tutor, a post graduate, was sporting his usual short, spikey hair. He has moderate-length sideburns, wore a white shirt (but had some green designs in front) and jeans. I didn’t want to know whether did he wear Converse shoes today, but I hope that it’s not him that I made out with in my dreams… oh, one more thing, the guy in my dream had a different face. Phew.

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