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My poster is finally up!

greeNTU poster at the lift lobby.

greeNTU poster at the lift lobby.

After working a few days on the poster, and another few for the sponsorship hiccups, Vincent finally printed 60 copies of my poster for the Environmental Awareness Campaign and pasted them on notice boards across the campus. I wouldn’t say that it looks perfect, especially for the paddings that need to be more constant throughout the layout, but well, it’s my first try in poster design. I thought I’ll never venture beyond basic web design and now this is a small step for me (no, I’m not trying to speak like Louis Armstrong).

A big thanks to Chris Spooner for his Trendy Typographic Poster Design tutorial. If it wasn’t for his tutorial, I would have stuck with the good old conventional way of an event poster, which typically means lots of words and details, sponsors, a link to the club website and you’re done. His tutorial inspired me to create a poster that is typographically based and yet contain some information in the design without compromising artistic freedom. I kind of hate it when many designers are forced to change their designs to accomodate miles and miles of red tapes – I can’t believe people extending that evil power of red tapes into design as well, silencing and snuffing out ideas and creativity in the process.

Since it’s a school poster and not a corporate one, I was given quite a lot of flexibility in the design, sans the sponsors part. It’s a must since the event is going to be heavily funded by external organisations and companies (did you see Nokia?).


GreeNTU is a hybrid of the words ‘green’ and ‘NTU’. I guess I’ll spare you the rhetorics for the former, and for the latter, NTU stands for Nanyang Technological University, which is where I am currently studying at. It also means ‘Green To You’, probably inspired by Calvin Klein’s ck in2u line of fragrance. Earthlink is the environmental club that is promoting the entire event.

The background colour was already decided upon at the moment I read the tutorial. A green background will go really well with the environmental theme of the event and the poster, and so what I really did was just to dig up a photo in my huge library and then blur it to achieve the soft glow and shadow effects.


I’ve used Franklin Gothic Heavy (demibold roman) for the text and that’s the font family that I applied throughout the entire poster, including the sponsors part. The colour of the words are varied depending on the message they are conveying – the dark green for the event name, organising club and some detail; white for the events coming up; light green for the keywords related to the environment; and red for recyclable materials.

What distinguishes this poster from the original sample in Chris’ tutorial is that he used a single keyword for the entire poster – while it is possible for the poster, I opted for multiple keywords to get the message across and to allow more variation in the layout. I’m still divded between whether did it beautify or uglify the entire poster :razz:

The final product, sans sponsors’ information

Here’s the final produt of the combination of words and colours, but leaving out the sponsors’ information. I have to admit that while including them in the poster did adversely affect the overall aesthetics, it’s something that cannot be avoided (as mandated by the Student Affairs Office). That’s another mile of red tape.

greeNTU Poster

The greeNTU Poster

I guess this satisfies your curiousity! :)

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