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Handy WP Cheat Sheet

Wordpress Cheat Sheet by Andy

Wordpress Cheat Sheet by Andy

Sometimes designers like me who are not very well-versed with PHP will get stuck in development hell where we just couldn’t figure out what snippet of code to use for a certain template file when designing a WP theme. It’s either shuttling between the WordPress codex, mindlessly combing through the support forum or Google, or downloading other themes for reference. It’s a painful and troublesome process, as mind you – getting a PHP expression wrong will immediately throw up a whole other bunch of errors in your editor such that you can no longer use your WP theme editor. And this requires a FTP upload to replace the faulty file as the best fix.

Andy has make it less a hassle for people just like me – by sharing his version of a WordPress cheat sheet. Basically, he has included the important and crucial PHP expressions that are needed for your to complete your WP theme (or to modify a theme the way you want). It’s easily understandable and Andy had gone through a great deal of trouble filtering out the not-so-important codes like the is_feed() function in the conditional comments section (so far only plugin coders will use it). It’s far more concise than the WordPress codex (although it doesn’t hurt to go back for a more detailed explanation on how things work) and very easily understandable.

It has been tweeted and retweeted over and over again by the many designers I’ve been following on the tweety Twitter, so I guess it will be good that I share it with you too :)

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