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WP2.7 flagging comments for moderation

Wordpress 2.7

It seems to be the case since people running self-hosted WordPress that once they upgrade to 2.7, they’re faced with shuttling between their email (if they turned email notifications on) and their WordPress comments moderation queue. There is an active bug found in the latest version of WordPress that causes it to recognize converted smilies as a link – so if your commentators have included smilies into their comments, they are counted as links too. Once they exceed the upper limit of links set for a regular comment, the comment will be sent to the moderation queue instead.

Initially I was very bewildered by the bug at the first place, until users on the WordPress.org forum started to point out the obvious correlation between smilies and comment moderation. There are a few workarounds currently proposed:

  1. To change the upper limit for the number of links per comment, under Settings > Discussion (under the Comment Moderation section). You can change it to around 3~5, depends on your personal liking.
  2. Alternatively, you can use this regular expression to fix the bug (thanks to Otto42 for the heads up): |(href\t*?=\t*?['\"]?)(https?:)?//|i, but I am still yet to figure how to do this *weak smiles*

I hope this clears up the situation for other confused WP users out there!

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