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CSS Sprites2 – It’s JavaScript Time

Dave Shea wrote about using CSS sprites, and by coupling it with jQuery, to produce an excellent dropdown effect. In the past, websites that can interact dynamically with the visitor’s cursor are usually flash-based websites, while only HTML based websites offering a very limited version of such interaction. Even till now, by using CSS, what designers usually achieve will be the mundane hover effect by using the “:hover” pseudoclass.

However, with advancement and availability of various Javascript libraries, driven by both the designers’ and visitors’ thrist for more interactive and ‘lively’ pages, it is now possible to actually allow elements to interact dynamically with cursors by completely side-stepping the flash-based way. Thanks to jQuery and some CSS declarations, an interactive menu is not as unachievable as thought before.

So Dave decided to write a really thorough and detailed tutorial on how to get this done – starting from setting up or importing a Google hosted jQuery library, as well as the basic (X)HTML and CSS codes required for the menu to work.

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