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Love is…?

Love is...?

Love is... something that everyone wishes for?

I’m finally blogging about myself. Browsing through the archives came a sudden realisation that my blog has evolved in such a way that I shun writing about my daily life. So I hope this post will be a good start of something blogging is truly about but I had lost it years ago.

My roomie and I went out of campus to have McDonalds today morning (in the sense of 3-4am that kind of morning). We’ve decided not to order it through phone or the Internet, since a 45-minute walk to that branch in the wee hours of early Saturday day will be an interesting experience. Imagine walking to and from that outlet – it will be 1.5 hours spent on walking, and being really talkative people, we were engaged in conversation throughout the journey. Oh and we would have cycled there if not for him sending his bike home for repairs.

On our way back my roomie popped the question – Have you ever been in love? And I sheepishly said that I haven’t. Not even close, perhaps? Although I’ve met a handful of people who I felt comfortable hanging around with, the word never crossed my mind. I had no intentions of bringing that relationship to the next level. For the moment being all I have are only respect and admiration for some of my female friends – some of them have a really outgoing persoality, some of them are unbelievably kind and considerate, and some of them have this exceptionally awesome sense of humour.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that they don’t have the, urm, personality (I couldn’t find a better word) to be my companion but somewhat I feel that there’s no need to be a couple in order to appreciate what we can offer each other. In fact, I cherish my friendships a lot – after being through a rough patch in life I realise that it’s not the number of friends that really matters but how well you can trust, communicate with and relate to each other. Isn’t that a true essence of a friendship?

I’ve never been in a relationship before. The closest call I have to date was being really close to a girl when I was in 14 and when I told my mom about her, she objected against that and told me that what I really needed to focus on was my studies. Of course we never acknowledged each other as anything more than very close friends, so I guess it wasn’t a breakup afterall – we just drifed our own ways, and since then I’ve lost her contact and I believe she had lost mine too.

Sometimes my friend would jokingly label me as the guy that will die a virgin. I’m not desperate for a relationship – in fact, I’m happily single and I will just gratefully accept what life throws at me in the future. I feel that people who try too hard at relationships are like poor donkeys with carrots tied right in front of them – not only are they blinded from the true nature of the pursuit but also probably trying too hard to attain something that is tantalisingly close but maddeningly far.

Love is complicated, to me, that is. It’s whole is something greater than the sum of its parts.

p/s: Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve slightly tweaked the header navigation to make it easily understandable. I hope you like it :) and I’ve just submitted this blog for a review at Rev.iew.me.

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