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Away from home again

Merry belated Christmas everyone! Before I start, I would like to spend a little while remembering those innocent souls who’ve perished in the tragic Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, those heroes who’ve risked their lives to save people who they don’t even know (like the Brave Dane, who sadly perished after saving the lives of many villagers), those brave volunteers who trudged through mud and debris to provide water, food and medication to remaining survivors, those philatropist who poured money into the disaster zone and anyone who has helped in rebuilding the devastated ground zeros in one way or another.

I returned to my university dorm on Christmas Day itself after hitching a ride with my aunt’s car. I did feel a little homesick on Boxing Day, but the cleaning up effort later in the afternoon helped to keep the sad thoughts at bay. The three weeks at home was well-spent, and I’m thankful that my stay at home lasted so long, unlike a few friends of mine who had to shuttle between two countries due to prior commitments.

What makes this post really unique is that all the photos were actually shot as RAW image format (.ARW for Sony dSLRs). Basically images stored with RAW image format contain exactly all the data that the processor receives from the CCD/CMOS sensor, but there is no processing by the camera’s chips in one way or another. Photographers will then process the photos using the RAW-editing software provided alongside with the camera, where they can tweak the photo, either by the camera’s default settings or otherwise. The RAW image format is exeptionally useful when you’re shooting under certain lighting conditions that might mislead your camera’s white balance – so by shooting in RAW you can adjust the white balance with the editor later.

*Note: All images in this post are clickable, except for portraits (there’s only one anyway). Have fun clicking!

Before I returned to Singapore, I made myself to at least dine once at Chili’s after reading Sue’s constant rambling about her fantastic afternoon tea session at the restaurant/bar. She’d go there with her friends just for drinks, which I think is a fantastic idea since their fruit juices are really awesome and that they’re bottomless (miser mode activated). In the end I dragged my poor brother and cousin at Chili’s One Utama branch:

At Chili's.

At Chili's. Looks like I've fell in love with selective colouration using photoshop lately, haha!

The restaurant/bar was a little packed and deep inside me I give thanks for having only 2 people with me. A huge crowd of 12~14 that was in the queue waited for half an hour for a table. We waited for 10 minutes. We got a table, and then the manager transferred us to another because they have to combine tables – he did it very politely and with all smiles. I can’t help but keep saying it’s okay while he apologised profusely for the hassle (I swear that Chili’s didn’t pay me to write this :razz: heh).

We placed our orders for their bottomless fruit juices. I settled for apple while my cousin and brother went for orange – why on earth would they order the same fruit juices? They could always swap, and it’s not as if somebody didn’t order (which is against the ‘bottomless ethics’).

Chili's famous bottomless fruit juices!

Chili's famous bottomless fruit juices!

We even ordered the chips but since my brother and I were so stuff, my cousin finished the whole plate of chips. He is indeed an awesome eater and a convenient, urm, mobile food processor.

And then last Monday, my mom brought us (including our cousin since he was staying over) to Sunway Pyramid Mall and we settled for a canton restaurant near the cliff overlooking the water theme park. The view is awesome! I took a photo through the window and blurred out the background subjects using masking to create the miniature effect:

Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park, Miniature.

Sunway Lagoon Water Theme Park, Miniature.

Later at night, my parents brought us out for a walk around Sunway Hotel and here are a few really nice night shots that I’ve got:

Sunway Hotel, the front entrance.

Sunway Hotel, the front entrance.

Pyramid Tower Hotel, a serviced apartment.

Pyramid Tower Hotel, a serviced apartment.

Oh and there’s an interesting update to look forward to! I went to Sentosa Island two days ago and I’m still in the midst of selective the nice photos out of the 600+ photos taken – in a SINGLE day! Wow.

Sentosa Island Getaway

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