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It came from the darkness of the night. Boo!

It came from the darkness of the night. BOO!

It came from the darkness of the night. BOO!

I finished revision with Chongx and his friend and was on my way back to my room. When I was approaching my room, I saw a pool of watery brown stuff on the floor and instinctively bent down to have a closer look. I looked upwards, only to discover this little nocturnal creature turning its head 180 towards me. The only thing that came into my mind was the Linda headspin scene in The Exorcist (if you aren’t weak hearted, go ahead and click the YouTube link)  and every single strand of hair on my body stood up. Gee! Of course I screamed a little.

I do live at the edge of a forest reserved for military training so it’s not strange to have animal sightings. There were reports of wild boars (small cute ones, not the ferocious kind) trotting around the campus, as well as the unexpected visit by a garden snake a few weeks back in my room.

The owl looked at me with those big, glowing eyes, and then turned its head away again. It doesn’t seem to be afraid of me, and seemed to be rejoicing that it actually managed to scare the daylights out of a timid guy. Hah! I jumped at the chance, took out my tripod and switched to my telephoto lens. And this is what I got:

Hello there, little beauty!

Hello there, little beauty!

I sharpened the photo a little since the camera was suffering from lens shake. Heh. It doesn’t seem to mind me photographing it at all, so I snapped away… until it decided to fly into my room and perch on the curtain rail. I was terrified. I didn’t want to end up fighting with the bird and having it leaving droppings around the place!

I took a towel and wrapped it around my head like a hood, just in case it decides to use projectile pooping. With my trembling hands I opened the window and only to terrify it even more. I rushed to turn off the fan just in case it gets hit. After a few frantic attempts, I managed to get it out of my room only to realise that it has left droppings near the window and on my file. I was a little miffed but then to think that owls are a symbol of wisdom, that shit it gave me might bring me more luck during my finals (which are starting tomorrow!).

So for the moment being, I gotta get back to my revision. See ya!

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