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Happy Birthday, Mingyun!

Happy birthday, Mingyun!

Happy belated birthday, Mingyun! Jaslyn, Ai Ling and I celebrated Mingyun‘s birthday at the really comfy cafe on campus called The Palette on Thursday. In the morning Jaslyn and I planned to meet up at 9.45am but then in the end both of us woke up late Finally we made it to Jurong Point and I was yapping about Obama’s win throughout the whole bus journey, which I managed to harvest that @.@ look from her face.

Jaslyn wanted to get her sushi cravings satisfied so we headed for the Japanese restaurants first, only to discovered that either they do not open until 11.30am or they haven’t got their sushis ready yet. We visited the cake shops, only to realise that yet again their cakes aren’t ready yet. Thank God Prima Deli’s bakers were up early so we finally got a cookies and cream cake. We nearly forgot that we need a lighter, so we made a mad dash to Fairprice before rushing back just in time for Jaslyn’s tutorial.

I tried to leave the cake at Palette’s refrigerator but a fierce-looking waitress told me that I couldn’t. I guess she’s all bitter about the fact that we didn’t buy cakes from them. Luckily this kind-looking waitress allowed me to deposit my cake when I told her that I forgot to bring something – I felt bad but well if I don’t keep the cake cold, we’ll be drinking cookies and cream instead.

Then when Ai Ling, Mingyun and Jaslyn joined us for lunch, I was so stupid that I accidentally blurted out the cake’s location. That was supposed to be a secret! That just tells you so much about my IQ hahahah! Luckily they had a heartily laugh instead of being mad at me for spilling the beans… I hope Mingyun doesn’t mind me bashing up the excitement and anticipation!

So we had this really gorgeous lunch set from The Palette!

At The Palette. Look at the yummylicious lunch meal set!

At The Palette. Look at the yummylicious lunch meal set!

Then later of course we have the birthday girl posing with her cookies and cream birthday cake!

Mingyun, the birthday girl, and her cake.

Mingyun, the birthday girl, and her cake.

Hey Mingyun, thanks for being such a terrific friend! It’s really nice to have really close friends like you and Jaslyn around… my univerisity life will be so much different without you! It sucks that the finals are so close to your birthday, but don’t worry, we’ll definitely be eating out or something after the exams to make up for the small party we’ve made for you ;) heh.

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