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Lo and Behold – LG KF700!

Sorry for taking such a long time to write this promised update on my new phone! So the whole story started on the eve of my birthday – I lost my 3-year-old Nokia 6610i and I need a new phone. I survived one week with the backup phone my roommate had kindly lent me, and I finally found a phone that I love after spending a week searching for it. I’m not really into phones so that’s why it took me ages to decide on which to buy – I have no idea which are the new models, which brand is better at which aspect and etc. All I did was to camp in front of my lappie and google my ass off for my new phone.

My new phone - LG KF700!

I discovered (considering that I’m so out of touch with phones) LG KF700 – a hybrid between a touchphone and a slider. The interesting hybrid was what that captured my attention and soon, affection. I wouldn’t want to live with a full touchphone – I knew iPhone’s way of typing a SMS is innovative and interesting, I preferred cold, hard keys to press on. Yet, I would love to have access to functions without using hardware keys, but through touch. I guess that’s the main selling point of this phone.

Actually my choice of this brand, LG, is partially influenced by the favourable, positive review wrote by Ivy, about her LG Viewty KU990R. LG KF700 can be said to be a sister of the phone (with extra hardware keys). Thanks Ivy for the review! I’ve never regretted my decision for choosing LG.

I purchased it online from Spider88.com. To be honest, I had my reservations for online shopping because I was worried of data pilfering and scamming. In addition, the price of this phone was cheaper than the market price that is around 400~500 SGD, which got me a little more cautious. I called to their office to make sure that everything is okay, and did a somewhat brief search on the company’s background. No bad records or reviews so far, so I proceeded with the online purchase.

The very helpful lady from their office messaged me upon receiving my order whether I wanted to push forward my delivery. Yes, they do door-to-door delivery free-of-charge (but only for buyers in Singapore, that is), as long as you’ve confirmed your order. On Saturday morning, Ben, the sales person from the company came over and we checked through the whole package before I paid using NETS – it was pretty interesting that he actually brought a portable NETS machine around in his bag. He was really helpful too – for checking me for sure that the bright silver colour code of the phone is not what it looks like (in fact, the real phone looked more like BLACK than silver), and for going through the entire package with me. I must say that I’m impressed!

Of course I took a few photos of my new phone!

LG KF700 and its packaging.

LG KF700 and its packaging. See, just as what I've said - the phone looks more like piano black than bright silver.

Photo collage of LG KF700

Photo collage of LG KF700

Now I shall start writing about the phone! The review is after the jump.

What I like about it

This phone comes jam-packed with a whole lot of features! Let’s see…

  • 3-inch touchscreen – With a resolution of 240*480 pixels, this phone has a bigger resolution that its close rival, Samsung F700. In addition, upon launching the phone for the first time, the phone will prompt you for a touchscreen calibration exercise. This makes sure that the phone responds to your gestures according to individually tailored calibration system, and saves you from all the trouble of extremely precise pressing.
  • Hidden hardware keys – The phone is a hybrid slider, so it comes with a standard set of number keys hidden elegantly underneath the touchscreen. The keypad conveniently omits the need of arrow keys to save space – you can always navigate to a part of the screen or your message with the touch of your finger, albeit a little inconvenient for the latter if you’re not a T9 dictionary fan.
  • Lock / Unlock key – Located conveniently within the reach of your right thumb (sorry left-handers!), you don’t need to slide open the phone just to unlock the phone. And this brings us to the next point…
  • Ease of operation – You don’t need to slide open the phone all the time (all thanks to the convenient lock / unlock key) because you can dial phone numbers, look up your phonebook, check your organiser, access your music player, play games and etc just via the touchscreen! The only instances that you’ll need to gracefully slide open the phone to reveal the hardware keys is when you need to type something.
  • 3.15 megapixel camera – The camera does pack some punch! At 3.15MP, the camera is able to take photos with resolutions of up to 2048*1536 pixels, which isn’t half bad compared to other phones of the same price like Sony Ericsson’s (they usually come with 2MP cameras). The camera comes with a LED flash, autofocus and image stabilising capabilities… that’s a lot to offer for a phone camera (considering that there are still consumer-grade cameras on the market that do not have image stabilisation functions). Check out the photo samples below:
Test photo #1 - Macro. The phone is able to take close up shots and they look pretty good!

Test photo #1 - Macro. The phone is able to take close up shots and they look pretty good!

Test photo #2 - Exposure. The phone detects exposure pretty accurately but for this scene where exposure values differ significantly, the performance falters.

Test photo #2 - Exposure. The phone detects exposure pretty accurately but for this scene where exposure values differ significantly, the performance falters.

Test photo #3 - Nighttime shooting. The camera does not perform well under low-light conditions. As you can see, the photo is out of focused and noise-ridden too.

Test photo #3 - Nighttime shooting. The camera does not perform well under low-light conditions. As you can see, the photo is out of focused and noise-ridden too.

  • Secondary video call camera – I doubt whether I will be making use of this video call camera but you can use it to take photos of yourself (camwhores, rejoice!), although the image resolution is significantly smaller at 640*480 pixels.
  • Touchback – Touchphones now aim to make interaction between the user and the machine two-way. That means that the phone will acknowledge your inputs and respond to them by vibrating. You’ll know when did you press a key and when you did not – especially at times when you tuck your phone in your pocket without locking it. Any accidental input will be alerted by vibrations as well.
  • And lots of user-friendly features – Widgets on the phone’s home screen, the touchscreen locking up when you are making a call, flicking through your contact / message list with ease (although less intuitive than iPhone’s) and etc.

Fumble tumbles!

Well, no phone is perfect!

  • No Wifi – The biggest mistake by the phone manufacturer. This phone doesn’t come with Wifi capabilities and yet it is released at an era where wireless networks are as ubiquitous as Starbucks. Although it comes with 3.5G, bluetooth and GPRS capabilities, nothing beats surfing the web with Wifi.
  • Fingerprint magnet – Just like Ivy has pointed out in her review on the sister phone LG Viewty, touchscreen phones are exceptionally prone to being horribly smeared by fingers. I don’t have sweaty palms and yet the screen still manage to suck out the oil from my fingertips. For people who love their phone to look like those fresh out of the production line or in product shots, you will have to either live with it or have a cloth with you all the time (I chose the latter).
  • Weak backlighting – The screen looks terrific under regular and low light conditions, e.g. indoors, sheltered walkways, brightly lit rooms, but under bright daylight, everything on the screen seemed to be rendered invisible by the glossy surface of the touch screen.
  • Rotating wheel – I find the incorporation of a rotating wheel pretty pointless. Although it can help you to scroll through long lists and provide access to shortcut functions, these maneuvers are usuall a few light touches away and this renders the wheel redundant. The only practical use I can find of this wheel is it being the volume control for your regular phone conversations and the music player.
  • Inability to mute keypad sounds – A common problem for LG phones. The keypad will not shut up unless you set your profile to silence. This means that if you want to have ringtonesm, you’ll have to live with the clanky dingdong tunes of the keypad whenever you use the keys. However, the multipurpose touch screen makes the situation less embarrasing as you don’t need to use the keys that often.

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50 responses to “Lo and Behold – LG KF700!” » Leave a response

  1. Lo and Behold - LG KF700!Response

    [...] the rest of this great post here Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and [...]

  2. IvyResponse

    So now you’ve become an LG user too, eh? You can’t mute keypad sounds? I was going to say ‘I can!!’ then I realized that mine doesn’t have a keypad… my bad!

    I think it’s quite a smart more for LG to add an extra keypad. It’s definitely a good addition to an already pretty good phone!

    Hope you enjoy your new LG (as much as I enjoyed mine!) I’m gonna go check out this spider88 thing!

    Thanks for the plug btw!

    Check out Ivy’s latest blog post » The 1KM Tall Tower

  3. JayResponse

    Hey, we used to be faithful plurk chatting buddies. :lol: Before I got my domain..

    Any who, I’m totally jealous of your phone. Your mobile is better than mine times infinity. The camera is amazing and the features sounds great. Have fun with it :grin:


    Check out Jay’s latest blog post » The Cycle Begins Again

  4. PepperyResponse

    Hurr. Time to incur the wrath of the Apple fanboy.

    I own(ed) an original iPhone and now the iPhone 3G and I must say they’re terry-rific devices (ha ha, Peppery made a funny.). I much prefer the QWERTY keyboard to any other, even if it is only virtual. The software on the LG looks very much slapped together, although the video calling and improved camera looks nice.

  5. allie

    sleek phone, coussie! the macro shot’s very nice :grin:

  6. hp84Response

    That is such a nice phone. I am actually looking for a phone with both touchscreen and the conventional 1-9 keypad. I am currently using O2 XDA atom, which does not has the 1-9 keypad, making me hard to type SMS.
    The macro picture taken by KF700 is really nice. However, phone camera always do not perform well in low light condition.

    Check out hp84’s latest blog post » Penang foods

    1. hp84Response

      Let’s just wait and see, as currently I have no money to get new phone. I have to use stylus to type sms, which is quite troublesome. I still like the conventional 1-9 keypad.
      Samsung Innov8 is really powerful, with 8 MP camera. It is really like a normal camera + phone.

      Check out hp84’s latest blog post » Teluk Kumbar Restaurant

  7. tysernResponse

    WAHHH, i am sooo jealous right now, i’m gonna tell you, the phone looks like a beauty. in fact, it does look a little bit like an iphone when it is closed.

    brand wise, based on your review, i do agree buying an LG phone really does put your money on the line. before i bought my SE, i was thinking about this brand, but because LG phones were relatively new that time, i decided to go for a more known brand.

    as for the features, i think your phone rock lar, albeit the potong steam because it doesn’t have wifi, but i guess phones with wifi comes with a hefty price tag. IMO, the camera performs REALLY WELL, the touch screen based on your feedback is quite good, the only thing i wanna know is whether the phone is user friendly and easy to use or not.

    i am thinking of getting one like this, but my mind is kinda set on the nokia 5800 which features everything the iphone has ( it’s fully touchscreen), PLUS GPS, WIFI and XpressMusic features and a more kickass 3.2MP cam. but it ain’t released yet and it’s sooo gonna cost a bomb, i bet with ya.

    haha, i really hope it’s cheaper in SG, and if it is, i maybe considered buying it over here. eh do keep a lookout for it okay, and do tell when if it is released already and how much it costs.

    and again, congrats on your new toy. happy playing. :smile:

    Check out tysern’s latest blog post » Singapore, Day 2 ( Night Vice) – St James Powerhouse.

  8. Jas

    Lol. Your phone is so warm it keeps you warm when you are shivering in the lecture theatre. Lol.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on blogs. I better get down to some revision.

    : )

    1. Jas

      me too! let’s get down to some business…

  9. ArtixResponse

    Haha I haven’t visited your blog in a long time. And I’m still using my non-color nokia phone -.- Haha I haven’t really tried LG phones before.

    The macro shot and the exposure shot are _really_ impressive for a camera phone. Of course that depends on the user too – Probably due to your proness in photo-taking skills XD

    Hmm.. Is the touch screen iPhone-like or Viewty-like? ‘cos I kinda dislike the touchscreen on Viewty, it’s kind of ‘fake’ since it requires you to actually press into the screen itself.

    I’m currently not planning to buy any phones.. Why can’t Nokia make good feature phones stylish?! The N-series phones are really good except for their design.. Haha.

    1. ArtixResponse

      Haha I used to have a 6230 and a 6670 but then due to my ‘impressive care taking’ of the phones they.. died on me :(

      Hmm now that I look at the exposure shot it’s true.. Haha but I think that for a camera phone, the color that it produces (especially on the leaves) is really vibrant and impressive. I’m eyeing the INNOV8 too! Ahh but it’s like, so expensive > infinity)! Crazy mugging.. Haha

    2. ArtixResponse

      Uhh, wait I can’t use the more than/less than sign?! Half of my message disappeared -.-

      Anyway, I was trying to say that the N85 is quite good IMO, as it has a lower price than N96 but still retains (almost) all the good specs on the N96! But it’s still expensive. Haha.

      And I’m going through the stupid period of crazy mugging! Sigh. Haha

  10. abdusfauziResponse

    teddY, i want a new phone too! i’m craving for iPhone.. ergh! i hope my telco company going to bring it to KL within next 2 or 3 months.. my phone always restart when i wanna make calls.. :(

    i heard singtel got the price out.. how?

    Check out abdusfauzi’s latest blog post » Encik, I LOVE YOU ♥

    1. abdusfauziResponse

      right now, i’m using SE Z550i, which i bought 2 years ago. hehe. it went through acids in lab, drop-then-kick moment, and some normal drop on the floor. haha.. i guess, the system already got haywire.

      Check out abdusfauzi’s latest blog post » Encik, I LOVE YOU ♥

  11. emberResponse

    You’ve got another jealous soul here Teddy! Apart from the phone’s slick looks, it’s 3.15MP camera takes great photos too! Especially that macro shot like everyone’s been saying. =D

    I still can’t figure why Wi-Fi isn’t in the KF700. =( It’s a definite must for a feature in my next phone if you ask me. But hey, it does HSPDA right?

    Have fun with your phone, Teddy! *hugs*

    Check out ember’s latest blog post » The Family Photoshoot.

  12. EricResponse

    Wah … Nice phone … Cool look …

    Myself never use LG … but it do really have good look outlook … My friend bought 2 of LG during our stay at UK … Cheap there … But Locked … However cheap to unlock …

    Me are Former Moto big fan … But now is W series big fan … Just bored on all the porblem coz by Motorola phone itself after using two of the phone from Moto …

    Happy with Se W phone now … Transforming to Nokia soon … Just too like the N series …! :mrgreen:

    Check out Eric’s latest blog post » I get My Letter …!

  13. HanResponse

    I’m liking LG too – I’m looking into getting the new LG viewty when it comes out – 10mp camera (and wifi!)

    I desperately need a new phone!

  14. DestinyResponse

    Oooh, congrats on getting your new phone!! LG definitely has come from a long way, but I’m not too big on LG only for the fact that their materials don’t have a life span longer than 2 years, some even 1 year. But it looks sweet! 3.15MP on a camera is still pretty fair and great, and your daylight shots look fabulous!

    For myself, going from a wifi phone (my HTC Touch) to a non-wifi phone (my blackberry) didn’t really make a difference at all especially if you’re one not to use the internet a lot. Now that I got a plan that allows me to use 30gb of internet, there’s really no need for wifi now. ^_^

    Check out Destiny’s latest blog post » Japan: Kyoto

  15. med

    yo coussie..cool looking new phone u got there ;) the next phone i am getting..when i decide to upgrade..must have GPS at the least and wifi would be good too…in addition to the other mandatory features which i have gotten used to these days such as decent camera, media players, radio etc…and good battery life hehehe…enjoy ur new ‘toy’!!!

  16. KatyResponse

    I’m not a fan of touchscreen phones (love my Blackberry keyboard) but this is a nice phone and the camera pictures are really good quality!

    I had an LG Shine before and the response time was soo slow so that put me off LGs for a while.. although I think they have the nicest cellphone designs compared to other brands.

    Check out Katy’s latest blog post » My Kinda Weekend

  17. SaffaResponse

    I just got my touch HP last week and accodently drown it into a river.. Some of the keypad damaged but luckily it’s a touch HP..

    what i’m trying to say is dont worry if your keypad is broken :razz:

    Check out Saffa’s latest blog post » That’s it.. I Give Up

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  20. Nokia 6610 HardcoreResponse

    [...] Lo and Behold – LG KF700! So the whole story started on the eve of my birthday – I lost my 3-year-old Nokia 6610i and I need a new phone. I survived one week with the backup phone my roommate had kindly lent me, and I finally found a phone that I love after For Malaysia, so far I haven't heard of any news of any telco to bring it to the consumer market, considering that quite a handful of hardcore fans and so-called Apple evangelists have purchased it from either the US release or the . [...]

  21. DanytaResponse

    What I have about modern phones is absence of wifi while presence of relatively good web browser. At least in cafe it is boring to wait for sites to load – and I wonder if phone designers are know about free wifi in such places?

    Good text, I used that model a bit ago and find this blog by chance. Thanks for reminding me my ex-phone!

  22. AnnResponse

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    It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be much more useful than ever before.

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