Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Aimless wondering

It was Saturday morning. I roused myself from sleep in the midst of the wailing morning alarm, half awake. Chong was still sleeping (like a pig) and it was 8.30am. Sunlight poured through the window, sparks bouncing off the floor. Time for a photozhoot! Screamed my rather dulled photographer’s instinct – I was without my camera for two weeks. That darling was sent for repairs.

Clips in complete disarray.

Clips in complete disarray.

Walked along the corridor outside Aravid’s room. The clips of his clothesline were in complete disarray (well, whose wasn’t?). Great weather on Saturday morning reminded me that I need to get my laundry done as soon as possible, but those tiny little rain clouds at the corner of the sky told me not to. I shall leave my undone laundry to continue stinking the air until Sunday, I guess.

Nature's Goodness.


Walking around the campus was a little tiring. The hilly terrain had no mercy for my legs. The grass were still fresh from the morning dew. I kicked off my flipflops, my feet resting in the morning goodness. I scouted for a comfortable spot, and risking dirtying my khakis with dirt, I sat down clumsily and enjoyed 10 minutes to serenity.

Spider lilies.

Spider lilies and their anthers.

Spider lilies with their anthers floating in the wind. The soft glow from the morning sun made everything looking so dreamy and untrue. I resisted pinching myself in the cheek.

This is Singapore.

This is Singapore.

Sometimes I couldn’t help but agree that Singapore is all about being fine and efficient. We have these signs all across campus. They even strung banners along popular jaywalking areas that read JAYWALKING KILLS.

That’s all for this update! I’ll be writing about my new phone in the next update, so stay tuned, folks!

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