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Waiting for that special moment

Waiting for that special moment. I was returning from Chongx’s room when I decided to drop by ADM for a quick photoshoot. With the blazing sun right above me, I have the perfect lighting for fast shutter speed shooting! All I did was just to squat beside the fountains, and wait for the magical moment of a strong blast of wind out of nowhere. And the moment cameSplash! A gust of wind blew across the pool, giving a generous spray of water ;)

Rolling hills of the School of Art, Media and Design (ADM).

Rolling hills of the School of Art, Media and Design (ADM).

Rolling Hills. As you know, the ADM building has a huge green roof and I couldn’t stop staring it with great awe everytime I walk pass it. It’s just too beautiful. The parabolic curves of the roof imitates the natrual rolling hills on grasslands, and when contrasted against the big blue sky, they paint a very calming and peaceful picture. However, this photo reminds me of the ubiquitous Windows XP’s default wallpaper… sheesh!

I’m currently working on a huge project and I’m not going to tell you until I’ve got it done with! If you would want to know what I have up my sleeves, checking my Plurk feed might help… but for the curious and patient ones only :razz: heh.

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8 responses to “Waiting for that special moment” » Leave a response

  1. xjion89Response

    ooo, the blue sky and the green land is so amazing. Really gives me a sense of relaxation.(^^)

    xjion89s last blog post..Moon Cake Feast!!!

  2. hp84Response

    This post really makes me think of our life. Sometimes, we wait for the special moment, which may happen just for a second. If we miss the special moment, either it will not happen or will happen after long wait.

    In order words, I want to say that we should appreciate everything that comes to our life, including friends, family, as they are the ‘special moment’ for us.

  3. MelissaResponse

    oh i just want to lie down on the grass to take a break from all those stress and assignments + tests. Hah anybody can calm themselves down from now onwards by just looking at that picture.

    Melissas last blog post..I’m a Food Digga

  4. AisyahResponse

    OMGOSH I lovee the roof top! and the clouds. Beautiful, Teddy. ^^ Are the students allowed to camp there? LOL
    I’m sure it would be lovely to lie down there at night and stare at the stars.

  5. emberResponse

    Wow! I really love that shot of the ADM building’s grassy roof! They should so make it a tourist spot! I’ll surely attempt to scale that grassy hill when I head down to Singapore. =D

    embers last blog post..A bleak future

  6. DestinyResponse

    I think I see the roof over the green space… is that the roof??? I can’t tell!! Lol
    I’m excited to hit a part of Asia soon!! Where is your favorite spot in Singapore??

  7. SandraResponse

    Really beautiful pictures. I love the shots of the fountain! Makes me wanna go swim :P

  8. teddYResponse

    I would want to apologise for not being able to have the time to reply to your comments personally, but I hope this will suffice ;) thanks everyone for commenting anyway!

    @xjion89 Thanks for your compliments! Actually it was a little bit of photoshopping work too heheh. I saturated and colour burned the sky a little :D to achieve that I-used-a-circular-polarizer effect.

    @hp84 Wow that’s a really insightful comment ;) I’ve never gave that phrase so much thought before… and I nod in agreement as I read your comment. Sometimes in life, we are willing to pay whatever it takes to wait for that special moment, no matter how long it will take. Like how my eagerness to return home during break gave me the motivation to slug through all my tutorials and lab reports… the strength of that special moment of being home, that is :D

    @Melissa Yea my friends and I did that before! We were extremely stressed before our mid-sem exams and we took a night walk up the grassy roof, lied down and stared at the night sky for two hours or so. Priceless!

    @Aisyah I don’t think so :D the guards will chase us away for sure! During exams when I was stressed, I did went there with a friend and we stared at the stars for two hours… how quaint!

    @ember Thank you! Well I believe the school wouldn’t want the building to be enshrined as some tourists-must-see area because that’ll spell the doom of the green grass! Be sure to come over to my university if you’re coming! I’ll be more than happy to be your tour guide.

    @Destiny Yeap that is a roof :D a green roof to be exact. They planted grass on it to be a natural temperature moderator. Quite cool! My favourite spot in Singapore will be… the Marina Bay area! The best spot for shutter bugs like me.

    @Sandra Thank you! Too bad the pool is too shallow for swimming… it’s only ankle-deep. But we do dunk people in on their birthdays! Heh!

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