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I see your true colours

My university experience is finally living up to my expectations of it being a miniature society as a whole. When the novelty of being a freshmen in NTU starts to wear off and when life starts to get really hectic because of various commitments, the vision of splendour, frolic and fun university life is simply gone with the wind. People start to show their true colours – in one way or another, it’s a good and a bad thing.

Today I got my first feeling of being betrayed, but after going through so many rounds of it in college, I’m already numb to it. I knew it was coming at my face but I put up this stoic face against it – I was just too tired to give an appropriate response, such as throwing a big tantrum, slumping into depression like a normal person would, so as to say.

We had computer lab today and then we had this very complicated assignment on protein and DNA structure. At first he (let’s call him Bleagh* from now on) dropped by my station and started asking me questions on how to do this and that, and I happily obliged. But then as the lab session progressed, he became increasingly demanding and didn’t even allowed me to check my mailbox because he wanted me to get done with my report ASAP so he can freaking copy it and pass it off as his own. I was shocked when he whipped out his USB drive and asked me to pass him a copy of MY lab report.

His speech of how he befriended smart and hardworking people started to flashback immediately and now I figured out why he was so nice to me at the first place – he needed someone to write him his lab report. I was very repulsed and disgusted so as to say, I bet it was all written over my face but he was too happy of his little devious plan that worked to even bother how twisted the muslces on my face were.

Fuck it, Bleagh. I’m not going to do anything for you next time. I was too nice.
(I really didn’t want to be vulgar but then I just couldn’t control my disgust towards that miser)

I always hope to end my entries on the brighter side :) like how I’ve met so many wonderful people over the past month, they made my life really fulfilling and of all, defines my continued existence in this place. Sometimes in life you just feel so lost without friends – you don’t know what are you for, what you should be doing. You feel aimless, blinded, dazed, jaded, but I’m glad that I have my friends – the people who defines what my university experience is.

Like how I met Huilin, we met each other on the first night of FOC and our conversation was merely revolving around our ex-colleges – we were from rival schools so there’s pretty much a lot of things to talk about! And then our friendship further developed into a personal thing where we’d share experiences we would have not told others… like how my social failure in college and etc. Although she has left NTU and will be leaving for Warwick, UK in two week’s time, that didn’t spell the end of our friendship.

Like how I met Bregitt. She was a little bit intimidating at first because she looked quite serious but then after going through thick and thin in FOC and the days after that, she’s a really nice, playful and cheeky person! She always claims that she’s not a girl because she think she was too outgoing and stuff like that, but I think otherwise – that’s the kind of person that I admire the most. Those who can initiate conversations with others, and be outspoken. Sometimes I’m just too shy to speak out.

Like how I met Chongx, we were initially strangers and he was the one who initiated the conversation with me on a night walk around CBD with my orientation group. Our friendship blossomed to rapidly after that, and in no time we keep crashing each others’ room, had night cycling trips out of the campus just for McDonald’s, wrote meaningless, mindless wall post on each other Faceboook walls (tantamount to spamming!)… and most important of all, gave me that pat in the back whenever I needed it the most. Thank you!

On Merdeka Night - Chongx, Huilin, Bregitt and me :)

On Merdeka Night - Chongx, Huilin, Bregitt and me :)

On Merdeka Night – a night to remember. We had so much fun reminiscing about the good times we had during FOC and the week after (damn it why did Chongx went back, he missed out all the fun :D ) and now looking back at our shared memories and experiences, it’s like a dream to me. Thank you for being my bestest of my greatest friends ;)

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