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10 Days Apart!

Sorry for being away from my blog lately! This week has been horribly busy, with lectures getting exponentially impossible to understand, attending tutorials transforming into brain-cells barbeque sessions and meeting up with my dearest OG mates for fun :) this update will be a little wordy, so if you can bear with it, that’ll be very nice if you!

Happy SUPER BELATED Birthday to Chongxian!

Thank you dear Mr Chuah correcting me upteen times for writing his big name incorrectly as two separate words (I wrote it was Chong Xian, just another IQ=0 moment of mine). I just got to know him during the Clark Quay nightwalk (which I have not blogged about and took place around two solid weeks ago, I’m wondering what happened to my efficiency). He’s a really nice person, down-to-earth, kind, funny (yea he always crack me up)… and most importantly he cares about others, from the bottom of his heart and not the superficial how-are-you-ok-you’re-fine-that’s-good-take-care kind.

The night before Huilin’s departure to Malaysia, something unexpected happened and I was terribly sad about me not doing my part to prevent it from happning – that’s when Chongxian helped me to feel a lot better. I don’t know if others were displaying their flagrant disregard of my awkward situation, but I’m very touched tha he helped :) *bows* thank you!

Yea, that's him on one of our random out-of-campus supper outings!

Yea, that is him on one of our random out-of-campus supper outings!

p/s: If you’re wondering why I capitalized ‘super belated’, his birthday was a week and a day ago! Eeeks!

さよなら , ホイリネさん!

*It means, ‘Farewell, Huilin!’ in Japanese. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Last weekend when I fell ill when I returned home (I suspect that it was because of that durian I ate), Xinyi broke the news of Huilin leaving NTU on Thursday. I was stunned and a little sad because although she’ve told us that there’s a small chance of her leaving NTU, I didn’t expect it to happen at all! When I was back in Singapore, we immediately started planning on how to bid her goodbye and settled for a farewell party.

The party was planned to be on Wednesday night, her last night living on campus and hanging around with us. Something unexpected happened and I was ashamed of myself that I didn’t do much to stop it from happening, but I’m relieved that Huilin didn’t had any hard feelings about it. The sadness of her leaving for Warwick Univiersity and the self-induced anger directed at myself for not getting things right proved to be a toxic cocktail that nearly crippled me. Everyone seemed to be oblivious, or chose to disregard that horribly situation I was in. Only Soonleong and Handsome Kiat came over to console me. Chongxian arrived later must he was the first to realise what was going on – that’s when I realised that he’s not only a caring, brotherly person but also observant and sensitive.

After the party on Wednesday night was the day Huilin’s leaving with her cousin’s friend. I managed to keep a timeslot empty to have lunch with Huilin and the gang of JC graduates. I am glad that I got invited to the lunch because that would be the last time seeing her in person. I tried to rush back to her hall to send her off after my lecture ended at 4.30pm but then that was exactly when I received an SMS for her bidding goodbye. I replied her message and on my way back to my room, I actually cried, tears streaking across my face. Yes, I’m a sentimental person, and a rather emotional one.

I met Huilin on the first night of FOC. In fact, she’s my very first friend I’ve made in NTU. No offence to those I’ve met earlier, but I didn’t really remember their names or bothered to match their faces to their names. This just speaks so much volume of the stunningly deep first impression Huilin gave me – as an outgoing and cheerful person. Being such great friends (although we still don’t know each other very well on a personal level since it’s only one month!), spending so much time with our groupmates in orientation, luncheons, room visits and meal outings, seeing her leave felt as painful as if tearing one of my limbs away from me. She’s outspoken and motivated – in fact, it’s her personality that induced a change in mine during the orientation, making me to be more sociable :) She bridges the gap between me and my other OG matesPlus the experiences I’ve learned from my painful JC years, I’ve managed to make a lot more friends than I’ve expected. Thank you, Huilin!

Huilin and Chongjyn on the bus.

Chongjyn and Huilin on the bus back to our halls.

The good times we shared :) click on each photo to view them in the lightbox!

Outing to Sheng Shiong supermarket - preparing for the steamboat party! Huilin and I went to Bugis Junction, and splurged a little on Starbucks. Bregitt and Huilin (besties of each other!) returning from a shopping trip at Jurong Point. Bregitt and Huilin at the steamboat party! Huilin crashed my room for some photos.

I sincerely wish Huilin all the best in her future endeavours in the UK! And thank you for everything, Huilin! You’re an awesome friend and OG-mate to hang around with. Take care!

I wanted to include more but I guess enough is enough :razz: I’m afraid of boring the hell out of you! So that’s all for this update :) cya!

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