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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Suddenly I see, this is what I wanna be.

I think I’m being hooked onto the weird habit of using part of the lyrics of some songs I love as the post title. But I can’t help it, especially for this time – KT Tunstall is my favourite singer, and Suddenly I See is my favourite song (all thanks to The Devil Wears Prada).

Title: Suddenly I See (album: Eye to the Telescope)
Artist: KT Tunstall

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*Warning: Long post ahead. Grab some coffee before moving on!

Birthday babies!

9th of August marks the 43rd birthday of a country called Singapore. Unlike last year where I have plenty of time at my disposal, August of 2008 is a bad hair month of mine and I have lots and lots of other things to tend to. No more cheerful poster for you! In case you’re wondering, I’ve created a poster for the national day last year :) just to show my appreciation and love for this country where I’ve spent 6 (and counting) years in!

Happy 42nd Birthday, Singapore!

Happy 42nd Birthday, Singapore!

10th of August marks the birthday of THREE people that I know (so much for coincidence and the birthday paradox eh?) A big happy birthday to Chongjyn, Dezien and Chongyen :D may you all have a wonderful and fun-filled year ahead (and more more to come, of course, but I’ll leave that for next year!)

Happy birthday Chongjyn! Happy birthday Dezien! Happy birthday Chongyen!

*I stole Huilin’s idea of displaying thumbnails of the birthday babies photo :razz: haha!

Saturday Outing

On Saturday Huilin needed to get her GIRO form verified so we went to Jurong Point together to get it done with :) and then we took train to Bugis. Brigitt passed me her konked out laptop so that I can help her send it for repairs at Simlim Square. Then for the rest of the day Huilin and I spent most of the afternoon walking and exploring the area around Bugis.

Huiling at Bugis Junction, posing for no apparent reason...

Huiling at Bugis Junction, posing for no apparent reason...

Here’s a vertical panorama of the National Library I’ve taken – doesn’t it look so modern and futuristic? On the first glace it doesn’t look like a library at all!

National Library, a vertical panorama.

While Huilin decided to spend 10 minutes in a chic boutique doing her dose of window shopping, I threw myself at the opportunity of snapping photos at the jumping fountains. It’s interesting to see how kids and teenagers like having so much fun getting drenched in water under the public eye. I wouldn’t have mustered enough courage to do that!

Kids and teenagers alike having fun at the jumping fountain at Bugis Junction.

Kids and teenagers alike having fun at the jumping fountain at Bugis Junction.

A kid crossing the labyrinth of water.

A kid crossing the labyrinth of water.

Later in the day when we’re all tired and lethargic, that’s when we’ll let Starbuck’s coffee work its magic! Just next to the fountain there’s this Starbucks Coffee shop so we dropped by and had some coffee! Huilin got some old textbooks from her senior so she decided to mug a little. I was reminded of the A Levels crazy days when everyone would literally overdose caffeine to keep themselves awake and sane.

The Starbucks Logo

The Starbucks Logo

Coffee is divine!

Coffee is divine!

I forgot what Huilin ordered, but it tastes really great! I ordered caramel flavoured ice blended frappuccino, which I believe is better than what Huilin had :) it’s my comfort drink! I’m not a very ‘coffee’ person but I believe that it isn’t that bad to indulge yourself in the aroma of it once in a while. I’m afraid of becoming my mom who is, with all due respect, chronically addicted to coffee!

Ponding fun.

Saturday night was fun – we went over to ADM (School of Art, Media and Design) to celebrate Yingyan’s birthday and then out of the blue, we started ponding people. Ponding is an act of throwing, dipping, dragging, splashing or soaking a person, regardless of whether he/she is the birthday baby, into a body of water (preferably clean ponds like those in ADM). The ponding of the birthday girl set up a cascading ponding move on every single person who attended the party. I stayed away for most of the ponding acts for fear of being included as one of the innocent bystanders who got ponded later.

Obviously hiding wasn’t good enough – I fell victim to intelligence (or rather, the lack of it) when that ponded Chongjyn slyly asked me to hold his wallet. That’s when he and his brother Chongxian ganged up on me and there I went, straight into the pond!

That’s all for today! If you’ve managed to read this far, congratulations!!!

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