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The Gardens, Midvalley Megamall

It has been almost a week I’ve last written something! I would love to thank Plurk for keeping me insanely addicted to the new generaion of MicroBlogging… as well as the laziness of mine who refuses to let me brainstorm what to write.

For the weekend, we went to The Gardens shopping mall, part of the Midvalley Megamall Complex in Malaysia. Midvalley Megamall is one of the biggest malls in Malaysia (only losing to Berjaya Times Square which has a total area greater than that of the Pentagon in the US). The Gardens was opened around September 2007, and it’s geared towards catering to the hedonistic needs of the rich and famous in the city who have nowhere else to spend that swath of cash from economic boom. Normally normal city folks like us just hang around, gawk at the price tags, stare at the brand names and then walk away :razz:

The Gardens - Purple Cane Restaurant

Purple Cane Restaurant – Although it’s located in the high-end mall, dining at Purple Cane Restaurant wasn’t that expensive afterall, as compared to other restaurants in suburban areas in Malaysia. We’ve been here a couple of times, not only to be impressed by the meticulously decorated interior spaces but also to savour the dishes – all cooked by tea. Even the rice they serve is flavoured with tea leaves too!

The Gardens - Our Lunch!

Our lunch! – This is what we had for lunch. I simply love the honey-glazed chicken in the background (it’s out of focus), and what makes it unique is that they’ve managed to infuse the taste of tea into their dishes without making them taste awkward. Awesome! I never touched the dish to the right – brinjals aren’t my cup of tea (no pun intended).

The Gardens - Connecting walkway #1

The Gardens - Connecting walkway #2

Connecting Walkway – This walkway connects the original Midvalley Complex with The Gardens. I love the design because it’s not like any other hastily-designed ones you see all around town- They’ve incorporated the concept of elegance, class and transparency (look, no ugly brick walls!) into the walkway. The curvy design is another plus :) not to mention the piano black glass frames. Very nice indeed! Sadly, it’s not highly utilised because it’s entrance near the Midvalley mall isn’t very obvious and many people are oblivious to its existence. How sad!

The Gardens - Interior Decoration

Interior design – The interior of the mall is also carefully designed, and I really adore the earthy tones they’ve used for everything – from the walls to the tiles, from the pillars to the ceilings. Natural lighting does not only saves electricity which is otherwise used to lightup the spaces, but also create interesting shadows on the interior surfaces, especially at different times of the day.

The Gardens - Interior Space

Vertical view of the void – The Gardens does not lack spaciousness. In fact, the architects are very generous when it comes to creating extra space that makes shopping a pleasure. The walkways that span the void create an interesting geometric pattern when viewed from certain angle. They have not much use when it comes to diverting shopper traffic, but it adds this glossy, modern feeling to the earthy-toned design.

The Gardens - Skyscrapers The Gardens - Skyscrapers (Black & White)

Skyscrapers, Colours vs Black & White – Office buildings are part of the Midvalley Megamall complex too :) I took this photo when I was questioned by a security personnel in The Gardens because he saw me photographing. He said that I am prohibited from taking photos of the interior space. Hello? It’s not as if interior space constitutes part of your trade secret. But since it’s a private properly, I have to oblige to his request and scoot to the outside. In the public space outside, he has NO rights or whatsoever to stop me from photographing anything I wish.

Back to the photo, I’ve made two versions of it – one in colour and the other in black and white. I don’t know which is better. The former does justice to the lovely reflective surface of the skyscraper, while the latter makes shapes, textures and geometrics stand out. Which you do you like more?

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