Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

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  1. Shen-ShenResponse

    I’ve never learned how to use masks.. So this is helpful! And no, no, nothing as sophisticated as diffused glow filter.. I don’t even know what that is! I did the whole gaussian blur and then reduced its opacity thing.

  2. AdrianCResponse

    I like how u made it all glossy and shining! woot :)

    Check out AdrianC’s last blog post: exam pms

  3. RillaResponse

    I have never used masking before! Great tutorial and I love the font. :grin:

  4. David BradleyResponse

    Nice one. I’m going to give this a try with a motif I’ve been thinking about for the new Sciencetext logo…thanks!

    Check out David Bradley’s last blog post: GTalk Cannot Open Websense

  5. BasilakisResponse

    U are a pro! Exelent :)

    Altough u should not say your secretes, i mean now new web sites will pop with your logo in it ^^

    Check out Basilakis’s last blog post: Summer Life, ???????????? ????????????????????

  6. IvyResponse

    Very cool! I rarely ever use the mask function. I think I’ve only used it twice in my life when I was learning to use Photoshop’s functions. Most of the time, my vectors on Photoshop are done the lazy way. Trace using the filled pen tool with the color pre-chosen. That way it’ll still be a vector and I don’t have to worry about layers since the pen-tool takes care of it for me. But good stuff! I shall try making vectors seriously using masks on Photoshop sometime. :)

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  7. Bush MackelResponse

    Geez I’m such a newb when it comes to Photoshop. One of these days I’ll end by dependence on Paint Shop Pro and move to the big leagues with you guys.

    BTW, is it just me or is the site loading a bit slow?

    Check out Bush Mackel’s last blog post: What Went Right – Digital Oil PM Pt 2

  8. YuniaResponse

    very good tutorial teddY
    I have recently been looking around on logo tutorials and found another good one here: http://www.nicora.net/index.cfm?method=article&blogID=C88F54CC-D998-BFC0-D995-3823E52FA483

    have a good day

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  9. HeatherResponse

    I’m stalking you…just so you know. :mrgreen:

  10. MichelleResponse

    i like this new logo of yours :) love the spectrum of colours :mrgreen:

    Check out Michelle’s last blog post: It’s Finally Over and Done With

  11. razifmustaphaResponse

    hah! nice tutorial, but i think to me is more comfortable using illustrator . huhhu :eek: (i not really good designing using photoshop)

    Check out razifmustapha’s last blog post: Hotshots

  12. IdResponse

    Thanks for being generous enough to show us the technique behind your favicon. Seriously, when I see the basic colours of the rainbow backed up with a brilliant blue I think of you. Haha! =)

    Great tutorial! I am not thinking of changing my favicon anytime soon, but if I do get that spark of inspiration, I’ll be sure to refer to your techniques.. with the appropriate credits, of course. =P

    Check out Id’s last blog post: A Summer Place.

  13. LexieResponse

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing the technique with us. :) I thought you’d used the pen tool or something. Never even crossed my mind that it was actually a font.

    Check out Lexie’s last blog post: From WordPress to ExpressionEngine

  14. tukangfitnahResponse

    cantik logo tu. nice one. huhu.

    Check out tukangfitnah’s last blog post: khairy jolok bontot saya! – bala

  15. KNizamResponse

    that was awesome. the colours do blend very well with your blue background. why not make it moves like a gif version ? that’ll be so cool isn’t. hehe :mrgreen:

    Check out KNizam’s last blog post: The Day My Streamyx Connection Line Went Kaput ! So Tension Lor…

  16. HanneResponse

    Wow, it’s amazing at what just one can do with typography alone. As I read this tutorial I imagined the way to do it in Illustrator. I can’t wait till http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/ gets supported by the other browsers rather than only Firefox! :grin: It’s basically vectors for the internet, which would make scaling them no problem at all!

    I think I’ll scamper off now and play with some nifty fonts in Illustrator, see if anything gets created. Your post inspired me. :grin:

    Check out Hanne’s last blog post: Internet Explorer For Mac OS X

  17. LexieResponse

    Thanks for your comment. :)

    I transferred my posts and comments to EE from WordPress using the WP-Export-MT script. Just upload that where wp-config is located and load the script from there and you’ll be able to download a text file containing your WordPress content. You’ll be able to import that using EE’s import utility. :)

    Check out Lexie’s last blog post: An afternoon lesson and pretty dresses.

    1. LexieResponse

      Definitely give it a try. :) If you need help (just in case, but EE is really easy to get the hang of), you can find me on Plurk. ;)

  18. JayResponse

    That was great! Power to the layer mask!

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