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Kickass Firefox!

Yes, the new Firefox 3.0 is out :razz: if you have not got it installed, do it quickly because it fixes a handful of nasty bugs in the previous version. One of the craziest bug of all is Firefox 2 rendering a small, 1px tall grey line when you scroll down pages that are nested in iframes – which means ugly tagboards and Google adsense advertisements. Now it’s fixed for good! Plus, it comes with one-click bookmaring and smart location bar (which recalls your bookmarked sites as you happily type along in the address bar), which saves you from unnecessary time spent and makes web browsing a breeze.

With love, from IE Team

So it turned out to be a hoax – the IE team did not send a cake to Mozilla‘s for the release of Firefox 3. Nonetheless, it’s really funny to see how people would react to the cake. Some says that the Mozilla’s cake would have fitted more snugly because of correct padding and margin, some says that the IE cake is laced with poison while some says that it’s infested with bugs (LOL!) – check out the comments of this Flickr photo, and you’re guaranteed to have a good laugh. I’ve added some funny ones into the photo:

IE Sends Mozilla a New Cake for Firefox 3

*Note: Arrows are by myukiori at DeviantArt. Font used is BudHand.

Poor IE team is probably all bitter and eating sour grapes now! I’m not sure whether is it the amalgamation of talents in the Mozilla team or is it the incompetency of IE’s, but Firefox 3 scores better on the Acid test than IE8 (which is YET to be released, but the Beta version is out already): check out the tragic results!

Acid 3 Test - Ideal, Firefox 3.0 and IE 8 in beta.

Looks like there’s still a lot of work to be done by the IE8 team.

Useful Firefox addons

IE Tab (linkie)- It may sound surprising but Mozilla Firefox does come with an IE engine embedded in it! For designers who want to ensure uniformity of the visual aspects of their designs or layouts across Firefox and Internet Explorer, IE Tab saves you the trouble of running an additional Internet Explorer window. Plus, you can compare two identical pages rendered with different layout engines on the fly, by just switching between two tabs. The layout engine can be simply switched with a click near the status bar – it either displays a Firefox or an IE logo, depends on which layout engine you’re currently running in that particular tab.

IE Tab, a Mozilla Firefox addon.

ReloadEvery (linkie)- If you’re tired of constantly refreshing a page and would wish the page to automatically refresh itself after a fixed time, this plugin will definitely be your cup of tea. You can enable it, or set differnet timers for each tab – and you can even apply the same timer setting across all tabs as well. Just be warned that if you have too many tabs opened at one time, brace yourself for a crash into oblivion. This worked miracles for me when Plurk’s AJAX script refuses to refresh my timeline every now and then – so I used it to do the task of refreshing pages!

ReloadEvery, a Mozilla Firefox addon.

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22 responses to “Kickass Firefox!” » Leave a response

  1. AisyahResponse

    Great post, Teddy! I haven’t downloaded the Mozilla yet, but I will download it on my imac, tomorrow, hopefully. I’m afraid that it’ll be out of stock. :s

    the IE cake picure is funny. poor IE team. LOL

    Check out Aisyah’s last blog post: A Few Seconds in Starbucks

  2. Al BillingsResponse

    It is hard to tell whether you really believe the cake wasn’t from the IE team but I assure you that it was. That’s me holding it and one of the old members of the IE team hand delivered it to me (and John Lilly and others that were there). Since I used to work on IE a few years ago, I knew the fellow even. :-)

    Check out Al Billings’s last blog post: Internet Flamewars: For the Record

  3. NoktahHitamResponse

    Firefox 3 isn’t working very well for me. I think my PC is going bad. Well, Im going to upgrade to XPS than. I’d have to say bye bye to my Alpha 200.

    1. NoktahHitamResponse

      It crashes a lot.
      Whats bugging me most is the WYSIWYG in WordPress, it doesnt appear. How am I supposed to blog? Opera is crap when writing a post.
      Now Im back to FF2. But its super slow. I guess I have to live with that for a while.

      Check out NoktahHitam’s last blog post: After Installing WordPress, What’s Next?

    2. NoktahHitamResponse

      Well, not all sites support safari. I personally think Safari is the most AWESOMEST browser out there.
      I would never jump to WP2.5, it isnt that good and still buggy. Ive debugged my own WP2.3.3. It loads faster than WP2.5
      Ive tried redownloading and reinstalling. Doesnt work.
      Photoshop CS2 is heavy. Try CS3, its a lot lighter than CS2.

      Check out NoktahHitam’s last blog post: He’s The Boss

  4. IvyResponse

    Hey Teddy! It’s been a long while. I’ve taken a break from the online world, so to speak. Anyway, Firefox 3 on a Mac is awesome! Been using it for a while now. I’m already quite used to it since I’ve used the Beta as well. There are still some bugs that have to be fixed though. It doesn’t to load CSS files at times and I have to quit and re-start again. What an annoyance!

    Interesting cake. I wouldn’t eat it. I might crash.

    Check out Ivy’s last blog post: Self Searching

    1. AisyahResponse

      “Interesting cake. I wouldn’t eat it. I might crash”

      hahahaha. genius. :mrgreen:

      Check out Aisyah’s last blog post: A Few Seconds in Starbucks

  5. IdResponse

    I also have the new FF3 browser. So far, I have had no major problems with it. My site layouts look fine in them.. haha! I did have a problem when I was beta testing it, especially in the spell checking department. I am quite scrupulous when it comes to spelling, so when I was beta testing the browser, I did not have the comfort of that dotted red line. Drove me nuts. I’m glad they implemented it in the official release.

    Check out Id’s last blog post: Third Impressions.

  6. IdResponse

    Btw, did I mention that I LOVE your rainbow loading icon for the comments? =D

    Check out Id’s last blog post: Third Impressions.

  7. MelissaResponse

    I just got the mozilla firefox 3 a few days back and i totally love the feeling of using mozilla because to me, i think it’s the BEST web browser i’ve ever used. It’s much more convenient especially the reload plugin you mentioned at the end. =D

    Check out Melissa’s last blog post: Trip to China

  8. super bloggerResponse

    I’ve use it..
    Don’t find any problem yet..

    Check out super blogger’s last blog post: How to save flash / swf files

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    [...] IE7 did way better than IE6 (although it still pales in comparison with Firefox – that’s what makes Firefox 3 a kickass good browser), and hey, there’s still IE8 to look forward to (it’s still in beta, and still suck at [...]

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