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teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Zeta Released!

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Zeta Released!

I’m proud to announce the release of teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Zeta! No, it’s not named after Catherine Zeta-Jones, but rather because it’s the sixth WordPress theme in the Greek series. It all started with Alpha, and now, I have moved on with four other themes before designing this new one.

You might be wondering why this theme is released so quickly after the previous one, teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Epsilon. The reason is simple – the minimalist design doesn’t suit my personal taste well. However, I didn’t regret designing Epsilon although it took me just two more days to pull out a new one – Zeta has inherited the general typography from Epsilon, and some ideas I had in mind originally for Epsilon is now implemented in Zeta. I shall walk you through a few important features for this new theme!

Ãœber-useful WordPress conditional tags

I didn’t implement any conditional tags that comes with the WordPress installation because I thought I wouldn’t need them at all except for my header navigation menu. I was wrong when I started realising that conditional tags give WordPress designers and bloggers a huge range of flexibility – you can literally dictate which content to appear on a certain page with simple, down-to-earth PHP expressions.

Although the WordPress Codex gives you an all-encompassing list of the conditional tags available in your WordPress installation, I think what it lacks is examples – people who are new to PHP, like me, need to understand the syntax behind PHP. All the question marks, backlashes, hashes and etc appears to be extremely daunting to new comers. So I did some search with Google and stumbled upon this interesting article by Theme Lab – The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Conditional Tags. The author justified the use of the word ‘ultimate’ by displaying a couple of important ways of playing around with the conditional tags – and that’s where I’ve learnt how to use the tags to my personal liking.

Conditional tags in this theme helped me to customise the sidebar content for different pages – you’ll see how it’s content differs from page to page. Not to forget the three bulky boxes that appear above the blog entires at the homepage! I didn’t want them to follow you everywhere as you browse around the blog (that will be irritating!), so I’ve made them to appear on the front page only.

Cross Browser Compatibility

This theme is designed to appear readable and almost visually identical on Mozilla Firefox 2, Safari 3 and Internet Explorer 7. With these three browsers installed on my laptop, I’ve worked my way through the design simultaneously with all three of them to ensure that nothing is out of place :) it does make my laptop lag though! Imagine having a measly 512mb RAM while running Photoshop, Firefox, Safari, IE, iTunes (I couldn’t design without some music!) and an FTP programme – a perfect cocktail for a crash into oblivion. But luckily besides a few system crashes (and I’ve saved my work regularly so nothing much is lost), everything went fine.

If you’re an IE6 user, you’ll most probably find this blog unreadable to a certain extent. This blog uses the alpha transparency feature in images of .PNG extensions, and versions of IE 6 and below does not render transparency properly. Instead of settling for GIFs, I’ve went ahead with PNGs but armed my blog with a simply IE5.5 and IE6 fix for transparency issues. TwinHelix gives you an ingenious fix for the transparency problem – so I’m quite confident that this is fixed for my IE6 visitors, but for the bugs in CSS interpretation, you’ll have to wait because my house desktop (which has IE6 installed) burnt a hole in the graphic card a few days back.

New Favicon!

As I ditch the previous blog logo, I designed a new one for this theme and so I’m making it my new favicon as well. It is an asterisk with 6 different-coloured petals, the remnant of the rainbow-coloured teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Delta :razz: at least it brings some life into the dull blue colour scheme!

Problems? Help? Extra information?

If you have problems with the new theme (except for IE6 users, I’ll fix the IE6 bugs soon!), need help on CSS and WordPress design or extra information on how I’ve made this theme possible, feel free to contact me!

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