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I’ve pushed the original post beyond the readme tag because I’ve something to announce – the new teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Epsilon WordPress theme has just been released (for personal use, that is). I initially wanted to take my own sweet time to complete the styling part by this weekend, but I couldn’t pull myself away from my laptop so I ended up bringing forward the release date by 4 days!

teddY-risatioN Epsilon released!

Here’s a list of changes from the previous theme, teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Delta:

Minimalism – ‘Less is Better

Very apparent. This is one of the biggest changes that might not go down with everyone – I was initially frustrated by the lack of colours (unlike the previous theme, it was colourful!) and it’s over-simplistic appearance. However, I told myself that I really had to get serious with the minimalistic taste of mine. I wanted to incorporate this minimalistic feeling in my themes long ago, but as the design and coding process departed from my initial planning, they turned into colourful ones instead of being clean, simple and yet elegant.

I’ve ditched the whole coloured navigation bar, and opted for cleaner and easier text-based header navigation. The background was gradiented so that I don’t bore you with bland, solid colours. Gradients also add a third-dimension to your layout – they give an impression of depth and distance.

Sleek Searchforms

This is when you’ll start shouting, You’ve stolen the damn Apple’s design! Yep, the styling of the search form (at your top right hand corner) is inspired by the one on Apple’s website as well as on the Safari browser. However, the coding behind the form is different – what I dig about Apple’s search form is it’s sleek appearance.

There is this famous bug in Internet Explorer (and it’s still there in IE7!!!) is that the background of an input field will scroll along with the text if you’ve typed beyond the width of the input field – even when you’ve ‘fixed’ the background position. A workaround will be giving the <form> element the background image, while making the background of the <input> field to be transparent.

Un-expandable/collapsible Sidebars

One of the biggest disadvantage of the expandable/collapsible sidebars in the previous theme (made possible by Scriptaculous) is that there isn’t enough visual cues to let visitors know that they are actually what they are (collapsible and expandable). The effect was disasterous – first time visitors will find my navigation horribly puzzling and disorienting. So for this time, goodbye to those fancy sidebars and I’ve settled for the plain old simple design.

Cross Browser Compatibility

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Epsilon has been tested on Mozilla Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari 3. My house computer burnt a hole in the graphic card so I have no access to Internet Explorer 6 yet, so be patient with the weird image placements and design faults if you’re browsing with dear IE6.

Easy on dialup users

Total size of images included in this theme is around 88kb. Still a little huge for a theme that takes pride of its minimalistic appeal, but it’s three times better than the previous one – a whooping 330kb for teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Delta. Although most of my visitors are broadband users, there are still a fraction who are faithful dailup users.

What’s after the jump:

  1. The brand new iPhone 3G
  2. Firefox Download Day!
  3. New Theme Coming Up? (In fact, it already had! It’s outdated)

The first, and freshest tech news will be the brand new 3G iPhone. I bet there’s so much hype out there that there’ll be at least a million blog posts being tagged with iPhone-related jargons. And because of the expectation that the whole Internet will be boiling and frothing over the whole new Apple iPhone release, Twitter has just decided to temporarily snuff out all crucial links (namely, Replies, Archive and Everyone, which got me figuring why is it still called Twitter) to avoid another big hoohaa of a database crash.

Fresh out of the oven: iPhone 3G

Anyway, it’s really something worth celebrating because Apple is finally embracing the beloved 3G technology (unlike the first generation which left out a few important features like 3G). And what really puzzles me is that the new generation of iPhone comes with a, guess what, scientific calculator! Wow, now Steve Jobs is planning to bring his iPhone into classrooms! This is so far the cutest part of the new generation I think :) too bad it doesn’t double as a graphing calculator or does that tricky differentiation or integration calculations for you, but it’s not too bad either!

And there’s another exciting tech news to be, well, excited about: Mozilla Firefox 3 Download Day!

Firefox Download Day!

Yep, you didn’t hear it wrongly. Mozilla Firefox 3 wants to snag a place in the Guinness Book of Record for the most software downloaded in a span of 24 hours… with your help. Well it’s actually easy – you just need to pledge your help by submitting your email so that they’ll inform you when you can start flooding the download link :razz: being a satisfied user of the current Firefox 2, I have no reason why I should boycott this event.

On a side note, I have another thing that might make you excited :) I’m designing another new WordPress theme for my blog.

teddY-risatioN Epsilon - Sneak Peek

*Note: This is a sneak preview! Layout is still quite tentative.

And for this time, I’m getting serious with my thirst of minimalistic design. No more fancy graphics (so far, total weight of images used is less than 70kb, means going easy on dialup users!) and dazzling colours – I’ll stick to the plan, simply blue with a touch of Web2.0 feeling. I’m taking this project easy this time – unlike the current theme teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Delta, I’m not going rush myself like a madman to complete a functional theme in 3 days (yea, this theme was partly rush work). Maybe by this weekend the theme will be up! Ive been working on it since Monday, so it’ll be about a week to get the whole thing done.

In case you’re wondering which theme did I started off working on, it’s actually the latest version of Sandbox theme by Plaintxt.org – I simply love this theme because of it’s neat semantics, flexibility (comes with a variety of layouts, from one to three column ones) and customisability (the stylesheet becomes your playground!). Hang in there folks!

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