Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

I couldn’t find a title for this. Period.

This post is an aggregation of ideas I’ve got for the past few days for an update. I’ve been procrastinating because my cousin came down to stay with me for five days (hell yea that was FUN!) and was too tired to blog. The first thing I would want to say is that…

Leaving for Genting Highlands

I am getting really euphoric about the trip because nothing beats bringing a brand new camera on some serious vacation photoshoot :) so yep, I’ll be very busy for the next 3 days and will probably make life like hell for my camera battery.

Negaraku! The Malaysia News Aggregator

I’ve promised NoktahHitam to write a short review about his awesome, new, unique, formidable and breath-taking project – Negaraku!

Negaraku! The Malaysia News Aggregator

It’s takes a lot of time, effort, knowledge and resilience to hand-code a website that serves as a Malaysian news aggregator, summarising the latest news headlines in my country, collating registered Malaysian blog updates as well as displaying random Malaysian photos from Flickr.

I applaud his effort to keep the page clean, and most importantly, free of distracting, obstructive advertisements. Don’t judge me as a violent anti-ad person, but I really adore the clean, sleek and elegant look of the layout and it will definitely be very nice if NoktahHitam can keep it that way.

The Expand All and Collapse All buttons come really handy – in case you’re looking for a list of latest Malaysian news, you can use them to toggle the visibility of the list of smashing headlines. I’m surprised that he has also incorporated the Flickr feed featuring photos taken in Malaysia – not that it only adds more excitement to the visual aspect of the page, but reminds everyone that photography is part of what defines a country and it’s happenings. Not to forget his incorporation of the nifty and useful Lightview javascript in the site, which enables you to view photos and webpages alike in a box instead of being rudely redirected to another site (or worse, a popup!)

Although NoktahHitam reveals that he’ll be making future tweaks and adjustments to the site, I think that it’s already quite perfected, especially in terms of the layout and visual appearance. If you’re interested to add your blog to the blog feed over at Negaraku, you’ll have to contact the webmaster because I think for security reasons, he’s not allowing you to add your blog feed directly to the page.

*Note: In case you’re wondering what Negaraku means, it actually means My Country in Malay.

Happy Belated Birthday!

To Sophia! I’m sorry that I’m late, but I think you’re having a great time over in Singapore. Thank you so much for being such a responsible class rep for the past 2 years – you’re tops! Thanks for holding the class together like a heavy-duty industrial adhesive, as well as your interesting ways of organising class gatherings and outings.

I would want to wish Brandy a happy belated birthday as well! :razz: Sorry for the late wishes! I hope you’ll have a fantastic and fun-filled year ahead. Oh and wishing you a speedy recovery for your broken foot, I hope it’s healing fast!


Geek TattooStumbled upon this photo a few days back on Flickr. If you have some basic knowledge in HTML (which I believe most of my regular visitors do), you’ll get the meaning behind getting this tattoo :) If it weren’t for my parents strong objection against getting myself inked (at a less visibile part of my body), I would have gone for this tattoo near my butt :twisted:


It’s puzzling that why so many Asian parents (even the less conservative ones) have this stigma against people who’ve gotten themselves inked. Tattoo is a form of identity and self-awareness, a type of body-art, just like how people pierce their ears to wear earrings. Given the social stigma, if I’m really getting this tattoo in the future, I’ll reduce it’s font size to fineprint :) teehee.

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