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My New Camera - Sony Alpha 200 After spending 3 years with my faithful and sturdy consumer grade camera Pentax Optio S55 (which had survived a bounce off a pavement, a drop into a puddle of water, a orange-juice spill plus rough and careless handling), I’m finally switching to a new camera :) and it’s no longer a consumer-grade, point-and-shoot camera. Instead of opting for the water, shock, freeze and whatever-proof Olympus Mju Stylus 720SW and the 20x optical zoom, prosumer-grade Olympus SP-570 UZ, I’ve decided to pick the Sony Alpha 200 dSLR camera. I would not go on to the details, but what I really like about it is the Supersteady Shot (which uses CCD-shift instead of lens-based optical stabilisation), sturdy build and the twin lenses package!

I just got it yesterday (in fact, less than 24 hours ago) and I’ve taken a total of 388 photos so far, which translates to about 24 photos per hour (excluding that 7 hours of beauty sleep = 16 hours in total). Well, that’s a lot! I bought it at a price of MYR2,850, and we wouldn’t stop asking the kind salesgirl for cheaper accessories and freebies. In the end, the entire package came with:

  • Camera body (which is a duh!)
  • Twin lenses
  • Camera bag
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Tripod (woots! Now I can take night shots sans my shaky hands)
  • 8GB Memory StickDuo card plus a CF card adaptor
  • Two UV filters (perfect for landscape shots!)
  • Instruction manuals in 5 different languages (namely Arabic, Chinese, English, Portuguese and Spanish)

I spent a few hours familiarising myself with the controls as well as playing around with the Shutter and Aperture priority modes (because it was what I’m looking for if I ever wanted to get a dSLR). Just as the plethora of camera reviews promised, the photos came out terribly awesome with almost little noise at ISO400 and below. It gets a little noisy at higher ISO settings, but heck, it’s better than the best shot I’ve ever got with my Pentax.

So before I log off and spend another day playing with my new love, I shall share a few photos I’ve taken so far. Anyway, the same old stuff, each photo is a thumbnail and is thus clickable – the larger version will be displayed in a lightbox. Have fun!

Wide Angle

The SAL1870 lens that comes along with the camera (you’ll get it too if you purchase the single lens kit) did extraordinarily good for indoor shots, since it comes with a pretty wide angle of view and thus can include more subjects into the photo without needing you to back all the way up against the wall.

Wide Angle #1 - Dining Area Wide Angle #2 - Car Porch & Garden Wide Angle #3 - Tree-lined Avenue Wide Angle #4 - Aunt\'s Gorgeous Bedroom! Wide Angle #5 - Free Your Mind

For the last photo, I’ve uploaded it to Flickr as well, but I’ve flipped the canvas horizontally during post-processing.


I stayed over at my aunt’s house for the first night with my camera – not only because she’s a very nice person (and her sister, my other aunt, is equally angelic) to talk to, but also because I love her garden and her immediate neighbourhood that is flushed with greenery.

Macro #1 - Gorgeous Red Macro #2 - White Rose Macro #3 - Tiny Little Beauties Macro #4 - Frosty Green Macro #5 - Little Weed on the Pavement

Macro #6 - Pebbles Macro #7 - Steambed Fishballs for Breakfast! Macro #8 - I Wished Upon a Star Macro #9 - Miniature Pineapple Plant Macro #10 - Sneaky Fingers Hungry for more Groudnuts


Yeap, I am a big panorama-fanatic and so wide angle lens means that I can stitch a panorama with less images :) plus the barrel distortion in the lens isn’t that distruptive, so Autostitch still manages to give me a decent panorama. A downside is that due to the limitations of my current laptop (which has a measly 512MB RAM), I’ll have to resize images before stitching them together (well, a 3800+px photo will be too big for my RAM to handle).

Wide Angle Panorama #1 - Aunt\'s Living Room

Wide Angle Panorama #2 - Night View of My Neighbourhood

For the second panorama, I know a tilted crop is in desperate need but I was too lazy to do it :razz: heheh. Anyway it’s made possible with the Shutter Priority mode! To get more details and possible trails of lights from passing cars, I’ve set the shutter speed to 20 seconds – yea I know that’s a little bit of overdose!

And to wrap up…

A photo with my aunts and grandaunt!

Photo with my aunts and grandaunt

My right eye (which is to your left) looks a little weird. Hmmm. Anyway, this should be the first time I’m posting a photo of myself, close enough for you to identify the person behind this blog :razz: heh!


In case you’re wondering why my blog was loading ever so slowly for the past few days… I’ve got an email from my host today morning explaning that they’ve experienced a hard disk crash during that time. I’m glad that they’ve recovered all the data (phew!) and now the server is up and running. Dear readers, sorry for the inconvenience!

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