Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

My Itchy Fingers

*Whoops! – I’ve realised that my blog is loading painfully, extremely slowly these days. I think it’s a way of my host to remind me of my annual webhosting payment :D

I couldn’t stop playing around with Photoshop after reading a few tutorials on some magazines at a bookstore the other day :) special thanks to the Digital Camera magazine for sharing an excellent tutorial by Tim Shelbourne. I experimented with his technique in one of my older posts, Digital Art, on the Mr Potato photo. Here are two more examples – just random photos I’ve dug out from my floral macro archives. You can click on the photos to view the enlarged version.

Pink Rose - Digital Art

Pink Rose – This is one of my personal favourite because I love the darkened outlines of the petals after the post-processing step. I have intentionally blurred and darkened the background, as well as faded some less important parts of the petals, while shading the illuminated parts of the rose. Final touches include using the Diffused Glow filter. There’s a distracting glow of pink at the bottom center of the photo, and I’ve tried to photoshop it out but as you can see, a tiny bit of it still remains. At least it’s better than nothing!

Yellow Flower - Digital Art

Yellow Flower – I have mixed feelings for this photo, since I find the background having a more ‘painted over’ look than the foreground. The increased contrast around the foreground object is a turnoff for me, so I’ve tried to tune it down but I couldn’t shake the feeling off. What I adore is the appearance of the leaves at both sides of the photo :razz: in the end the background looks more interesting than the foreground itself, this is weird.

For WordPress’ Hardcore fans…

Looks like the next release of WordPress, namely WP 2.6, will come packaged with a Wiki-esque feature, which is going to be extremely useful to blog administrators who have multiple WordPress users and are big control freaks who want to keep being posted on recent article edits. Here is a screenshot:

Post Revisions available in WordPress 2.6

Great colours! – The designing team used soft red and green as backgrounds for edited paragraphs, and uses a darker shade of the same colours for edited text. Attention grabbing but not too flash, I must say this is brilliant!

Restore button – It wouldn’t make any sense if the new features comes without enabling the blog administrator to restore older versions of the edited entry. User interface is very straight forward, and not as confusing as the controversial restyling of the post page :)

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