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Designing is Fun – a WordPress Poster

Designing is Fun - WordPress Poster

Designing is indeed fun! I’ve read several Photoshop tutorials and downloaded several fonts from Smashingmagazine.com – and I subsequently realised that there’s more that just photo manipulation work that Photoshop can do! It can be an awesome substitute for Adobe Illustrator, although it lacks quite a number of illustration-specific tools, a bit of adaptation can do you lots of magic.

The WordPress Poster above is created using a combination of Photoshop tips and tricks from THREE separate tutorials:

  1. General design (lens flare and glitter) plus the WordPress logoFlare Effect Tutorial by Dan Philibin.
  2. Rising sparksAmazing Photoshop Light Effects by Fabio Sasso.
  3. Horizontal lines in the backgroundLines Tutorial by Giacomo Coppola.

I would want to thank them for sharing their tips and tricks for free and in great detail on their blogs. Thank you designers! The font I’m using in the poster is one of the 40+ Excellent Freefonts For Professional Design published at Smashingmagazine – it is called Lacuna, by Glashaus Design.

In case you’re interested, I’ve also included a sample .tif file which is exactly the one I’ve used to create this poster. It’s 600*600, and is NOT SUITABLE FOR PRINT because I think I’ve set the dpi way too low.

[download id=”6″ format=”2″]

teddY-risatioN™ Delta becomes v1.1

After a few days of editing and learning, I’ve made some major modifications to the current WordPress theme, teddY-risatioN™ Delta.

Modification #1 – Footer becomes a little bigger

This is one of the modifications I don’t think will be welcomed by everyone, because it’s making my footer even bulkier! I’ve decided to move the random display of Flickr photos to the footer, so as to prevent distraction from the main content. The number of tweets is also increased from the original five to the current seven, so as to prevent the footer from looking lopsided.

Modification #2 – Cleaner comment form

The perfectionist mindset in me has been frequently irked by the rather cluttered comment form – there is a whole bunch of comment notes and instructions between the input fields and the comment textarea. Having in mind that I’ve already installed Scriptaculous for the collapsible sidebar effect, I’ve decided to incorporate this effect to create the collapsible comment notes.

Simply click on the Show/Hide Comment Notes to reveal the instructions. It is set to hidden by default, so the comment form will be kept clean, neat and tidy! If you need any help to create such an effect, feel free to ask me, either through commenting or the contact form.

Modification #3 – Auto-copy of comment to clipboard upon submission

From now on, never worry about losing your comments when this blog experiences a server time-out, when your Internet connection suddenly breaks, when you accidentally hit the Back button or when my nasty Spam Karma decides that you’re talking spam instead of the real stuff.

Jeffrey is very nice to share his copy to clipboard script on his blog for free! Installing the javascript is simple – upload the .js file and the .swf file (the .swf file is for a Firefox security fix) onto your server, load the .js file in your header and you’re ready to go! I’ve added a javascript ‘onclick’ event to the comment submit button, so everytime you submit a comment, it is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can try this feature out by pasting ([Ctrl]+[V] in Windows) it in anything (comment textarea, word document, notepad or whatever) and you’ll see your comment again :)

Of course, you can manually copy your comment to clipboard if you’re feeling a little unsafe. There’s a link near the comment form that allows you to do this. Since installing this script is a little complicated, I am more than happy to be able to come to your help if you need any. You can ask for help in the comments section or through the contact form.

Modificaiton #4 – Smooth Scrolling

I got this idea after realising that you can scroll smoothly through in-page links on Brandy’s blog. I did a little Google search and there’s a simple and short javascript called Smooth Scroll that once loaded in your header, allows a smooth transition between different locations on the same page. You can try this effect out by clicking the Tagcloud link at the header navigation.

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