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To Mom, with Love & It’s Feeding Time!

To mom, with love

I can’t believe I’m late for a Mother’s Day tribute! I felt ashamed of myself because I couldn’t express my love for my mom in writing, unlike how Destiny and NoktahHitam did (read their entires! It’s a must) – I love her a lot, and I’m extremely grateful that she’ve been through so much hardships and obstacles to accompany me through my childhood and adolescent years.

My mom’s birthday happens to fall on the day before Mother’s Day, the 10th of May :mrgreen: every year, we celebrate her birthday alongside with Mother’s Day – double the fun and double the love.

When I took my baby steps, you were always there. I’ve been a little disaster since I was born – I barely managed to speak, babbling incomprehensible, one-syllabus words when I turned two. You were so worried that I might have some developmental problems. We shuttled between hospitals, doctors’ and specialists’ offices – they’ve reassured that I’m okay, although you were clearly distraught. But, but and but, you’ve never called me stupid, you’ve never gave up on me. You would spend hours each day talking to me, trying to extract a ‘human’ word from me. And I did – when I turned three.

When I started to learn and to grow, you’ve never left me alone. I was a weak little kid when I was young. Constantly bugged by illness, I missed lessons frequently. But you never got frustrated at me – instead, you’ve combed books for homemade remedies, stayed up late to brew some bitter-tasting Chinese herb. When the exams are near, you make sure that I do my revisions, sat patiently by my side to answer my questions. You’ve never engaged a tuition teach for me until I was eleven – you preferred to teach me yourself.

When I went far away from home, you’ve never stop showering me with love. You’re always so supportive and caring. 6 years ago I left for Singapore alone to pursue a better education in a country that places great emphasis on meritocracy instead of your skin colour, race or religion (well, I’m not trying to hint anything, but I’m just stating the facts) – and I found the new environment horribly daunting. Rejected by my peers as a foreign spy (I couldn’t believe how childish people can be even when they’re already thirteen) and being very, very bad at English, I faced a lot of problems in terms of coping with the academic pace as well as trying to fit into the new schoolmates. You are always there, over the phone, to soothe my hurt feelings and to motivate me.

When I’m going through my hardest time, you gave me advices and not harsh words. In my adolescent years, I grew emotionally mature, but there’s still that testosterone, puberty-driven aggression and rebellions. I find myself growing progressively distant from you, I find myself hard to relate to not only you, but my other friends. But you’ve never scolded me for being not sociable, inconsiderate, insensitive – you gave me advices, words of kindness and guidance. You are my beacon of light, my source of unwavering support. You are a pillow for me to fall back on, a shinning knight to save me whenever I’m in trouble that I couldn’t possibly resolve myself. You are a wall to kick against during my rebellious years, but you’ve never muttered a word. You’re my benchmark, my starting point – I learn to be close to you emotionally, but set my personal standards independent of yours, to differentiate myself from you and dad but to remain close to home.

Thank you for everything, mom. I love you.

Feeding time for my babies!

Let me take you on a short trip to visit the kittens during their mealtime!

It's feeding time!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, that I’ve unofficially adopted a bunch of stray kittens and cats in my neighbourhood :) it was quite some time back I knew that they’re living there, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve assumed the role as the unofficial adopted. They’re just too adorable and angelic to be neglected. Since mom has a chronic fear of fur and a chronic love for cleanliness, it is impossible for me to even purchase a pet (except fish, that is), not to mention adopt a bunch of strays who are probably never toilet trained.

The last time I counted, there’s actually 9 cats to the family, but two are missing in this photo. The reason is simple – one doesn’t like the meat I feed them (I think he doesn’t like the taste of Chinese herbs because the meat is actually used to give flavour to mom’s many Chinese-herbs-based soup), while the other is too busy roaming the neighbourhood.

Let me introduce the 7 little adorable angels in this photo – from bottom left and in clockwise order:

  • Ms Valentine – the reason is simple: do you see a patch of dark fur that resembles the shape of a heart on it’s right thigh? She loves bullying her sister (the next one to the introduced) by chasing her around the place, but she never tried to snatch food from her sister. How nice! Her favourite toy is man-powered, moving dry leaves. I’ll pick a dried leaf and use it as a surrogate mouse-toy to play with her.
  • Ms Fuzzy – her coat of fur is exceptionally fuzzy, I didn’t know how she got that trait because none of her parents got those. All the cats in that brood has straight, smooth fur. She is still a little wary of people, so I will approach her only after I’ve squatted down.
  • Mr Flower Coat – I didn’t know much about him because he usually appears only when I start feeding them. And he doesn’t quite like me caressing his coat, so I’ll just let him be himself them, and he’ll regret it! Haha.
  • Mr Alpha Male #2 – the first alpha male isn’t around (he’s the one I’ve mentioned who doesn’t like the taste of the meat). I think he’s an alpha male instead of simply an ordinary one because he makes sure that he is the first one to eat, and will snatch food away from those who’ve arrived first. How bad! If I find him doing such hideous acts, especially to weak but lovely Ms Valentine and Ms Fuzzy (they’re my favourites!), I will spank his butt :) AND wrestle the piece of meat away from his as punishment
  • Mr Grey Coat – he is the first of the few cats I’m close with before adopting the family. Back then, Ms Valentine and Ms Fuzzy weren’t even born yet! I’ve never heard a meow from him before, but he does give a soft purr when you scratch his ears – he loves it!
  • Mrs Snowy – she’s pregnant with another kitten! That’s why usually I’ll keep a few extra piece of meat in my hands after feeding the rest of the cats because I think she needs more nutrient to keep her little baby healthy! She loves sunbathing, lying on the hot tarmac when I do my occasional lunchtime visits (I usually go before dinner, in the evening), and her pregnancy didn’t stop her from enjoying lots of tropical sun.
  • Ms White – she’s the mischievous one! Everytime when I play with her, she would instinctively grab my fingers with her CLAWS! That hurt a little, so I’ll usually put her on my lap so she can scratch my khakis without harming me. After searing a few threads of my khaki, now I only entertain her with the man-powered, moving dry leaves :)

This is not my first time featuring this feline family :razz: they’ve been introduced twice before this post:

Cute Little Furball! – posted when I embark on a trip to capture the face of the cute little Ms Valentine in photos. She is cute, isn’t she? Read post »

Ms Valentine, ready to sprint!

Cute Kittens! - my first experience on animal photography. The photos were taken before Ms Valentine and Ms Fuzzy were born! Back then I only knew Mr Grey Coat and Ms White. Read post »

Ms White lazing around!

I guess I’ll wrap up this post here!

Dear Readers,

Do you keep any pets at home? And what kind of experience is that? I’m starting to learn about the habits and loves of cats, like how they love to get their heads and ears scratched and etc – do you have any experiences with handling felines?

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