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One in a Hundred

Who says you couldn’t capture lightning without a decent dSLR camera, top-end equipment/accessories and complete shutter-speed control? What you really need is a hell lot of patient (I was desperate, haha!) and a little bit of help from Lady Luck. Quick reflex doesn’t really help much because the moment you hit the shutter button, the lightning is already over.

A few weeks ago, the sky was completely inundated with fierce thunderstorm clouds – a perfect remedy for lightnings! I grabbed my point-and-shoot consumer-grade camera (it’s a Pentax Optio S55 camera, a pretty ancient model by current standards), rushed to mom’s bedroom and poised myself to get ready for a thunderstorm photoshoot. I took exactly 100 photos in total, all of them taken with burst mode (a.k.a. continuous shooting mode):

One in a Hundred - A photo collage

If you’ve spotted the unique one out of the hundred photos, you’re sharp!

The lightning was almost out of the frame, that’s why I was talking about the Lady Luck thing. If I’d aimed slightly towards the right, the lightning wouldn’t have been captured! So here’s the larger version (in case you have not located the photo, it’s the second photo from the right, on the third row):

One in a Hundred - The unique one

I’m starting to wonder how could I get amazing lighting shots like these (well, compared to those, mine is bollocks), found on Flickr. Perhaps the desire to get those is pushing me towards a new camera (most probably, a dSLR!). Here are some, randomly selected from the search result:

Lightning @ Flickr Lightning @ Flickr Lightning @ Flickr Lightning @ Flickr Lightning @ Flickr Lightning @ Flickr Lightning @ Flickr

Note: Photos are copyrighted by their respective owners, click on the thumbnails to access the photo’s Flickr page.

Birthday Wishes

Chankeet (29th April) – Happy belated birthday! I actually wanted to dedicate a section for you in the previous post but it was too long, and no body will probably read it. Haha!

Yuting (3rd May) – Happy birthday! Today is your day :) when I get back to Singapore next time, I’ll haunt you!

Yintung (4th May) – Happy early birthday! I hope you’re coping well with life and remember, have fun!!!

Tag Replies

Sorry I’ve been very, very lazy lately!

@ahbing: Thank you! NGE is a really nice anime – if you appreciate those with darker themes (but not so much violence), and extensive character development and analysis, it’s definitely your cup of tea.

@Artix: Woah I never knew you watch NGE too! You can torrent it, or google for a direct download.

@Eric: The last time I checked, it’s running fine. I think it’s because your Blogger RSS feed takes time to update so my CommentLuv didn’t manage to capture your latest post. CommentLuv relies on RSS feed and not the actual blog, by the way.

@Levine: Nothing much, just that I’ve been running out of ideas for photography lately. Not another creativity drought!

@Guest: Whoever you are… NGE is for everyone who knows how to appreciate it, regardless of gender.

@Melle: The tagboard wasn’t visible at first, but I guess many visitors didn’t figure out that clicking on the Tagboard text will bring it out, so I’ve decided to display it by default! Haha. You’re so generous with your compliments, I’m so darn flattered, really!

@LogicYuan: Thanks for reminding! I’m running a little dry on creativity lately, sorry!

@Tungz: Yeap, it’s one of the best ones around! Oh and I’ve never seen the videos before, so thanks for sharing so I know that such talented kids really do exist, haha! I think it takes a lot of effort and sacrification for them to reach where they are today *applause*

@Eric: Take your time, it won’t disappear, haha!

@Guest: Thanks…?

@kenny4eva: Okay roger sir. Will check out asap!

@ck: Ahhh you’ve revealed my close-friends-only nick to the world! Anyway, you’re welcome! You’re asking something that I should be asking – I’m wondering how you’re coping with NS, bud! I hope you’re fine! Take care.

That’s all for this post! :mrgreen:

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