Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Digital Art

Before I start, I would like to pay homage to Aisyah for giving her blog such a fantastic makeover! :mrgreen:

Aisyah’s new theme!

New Theme - My Scrapbook @ Aisyahrozi.comAisyah, whose blog is one of my greatest source of inspiraiton for design and layout, has released her new theme, My Scrapbook, on Sunday! Her themes are always a refreshing and very, very artistic, looking as if they’re drawn in real life and later scanned into Photoshop :)

Her previous theme (here’s a screenshot!) is already a big hit with me, and this time, her new theme packs a bigger punch! It comes with a cleaner sidebar and more cheerful colours at the header.

Aisyah also never forget to include those nifty CSS hover effects in her layout, such as the navigation links in the header and the sidebar, as well as in the footer section.

I couldn’t help but keep thinking of her next theme! Brilliant job, Aisyah! Keep it up, heheh.

Digital Art

Recently I’ve picked up a few cool digital art tutorials on various Photoshop magazines :) and I realised that there is so much more than just simple digital darkroom tweaking that Photoshop allows you to do! Here’s are two samples I’ve done so far – they’re equivalent to doodling, just more on the digital side. For this time, I’ve used the Calvin and Hobbes font for the photo captions :razz:

Digital Art #1 - Flower Against the Setting Sun

Flower Against the Setting Sun – The discovery of buried photos in my photo archives got me exciting and so I started experimenting with various brushes. I’ve used two separate brushes to do the framing, but I found the edges rather jaggy and so I’ve applied Gaussian Blur to smooth out the edges. Now it looks better right? The key to an authentic looking frame is RANDOMNESS – don’t drag your cursor along the edges, but rather make short pauses in between and draw at different angles.

Digital Art #2 - Mr Potato

Mr Potato! – Creating the pseudo-painting effect was a big pain in the butt, but after an hour I’ve got it done! I’ve experimented with different blending options coupled with a photoshop filter called Glowing Edges (thus the high contrast of the edges in this photo). Finally I’ve used Diffused Glow to create a comfy and dreamy effect, and finished off with a little more tweaking with the saturation and contrast.

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